Selection Standards 

The AUSA Newell-Rubbermaid Family of the Year Award recognizes an exceptional Army Family whose dedicated volunteer service significantly contributes to improving Army well-being and the well-being of the local community.  The award is open to Active Duty, National Guard, Reserve, Retiree and Army civilian families.  Families do not need to be AUSA members.  Current AUSA chapter officers and their families are not eligible for the award.  Since AUSA Family Programs believes that the entire family supports the efforts of dedicated volunteer members, it is not necessary that each individual in the family demonstrate volunteer service.

The selection of the winning family will be based upon the following selection standards:

  • Family must be active volunteers and (one or more member) must have volunteered for a minimum of two years for community, installation or unit programs (not necessarily at the same location).
  • Family must have demonstrated outstanding leadership in planning, organizing or directing a major event or program that has resulted in a tangible or intangible benefit to the community or Army families. 
  • Family must have a demonstrable pattern of volunteering and achievement which has been recognized by other awards. 
  • Family must have exhibited leadership in performing assigned duties that resulted in improved services and/or programs for service members and families or community.
  • Family must have demonstrated volunteerism outside of what would be expected due to position in unit, place of employment or community. 
  • Involvement in a variety of volunteer programs is desirable.

Questions regarding the award should be directed to the Family Programs staff at 800-336-4570, ext. 151 or 150, or by e-mail to