Iraq and Back 

By Col. Kim Olson USAF (Ret.)

In April 2003, following the declaration of Operation Iraqi Freedom as a success, President George W. Bush enlisted the expertise of retired USA Lt. Gen. Jay Garner. Garner was sent to Iraq with the mission to rebuild the country. Retired United States Air Force Colonel Kim Olson was assigned to Garner's team as his personal Executive Officer, a member of the Senior Leadership Team tasked with reconstructing the nation's infrastructure, providing humanitarian assistance, and paving the foundation for a democratic process. Soon after their arrival, however, the socio-economic, military, and political environment ground to a halt, transforming the team's original task into an improbable mission. In Iraq and Back, Olson provides a unique, first-hand account of war and the process to rebuild from it from the perspective of a senior female officer, a pilot, a wife, and a mother.

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