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2/14/2012 3:00 PM 

An Army Reserve Spouse Perspective

Mrs. Stephanie Billings is the first of  Army Reserve members to appear on the AUSA Army Reserve website giving her perspective of what  it is like to be an Army Reserve Family member.   AUSA wants to thank Mrs. Billings to take the time to answer the following questions.

How long have you been an Army spouse?  I have been an Army spouse for 16 years.

What notable changes have you seen in the Army Reserve over the years that affect the Family members?  I think the biggest change has been in communications.  Jim [LTC Jim Billings, her husband] was deployed the second round of deployoments in Bosnia in June of 1996.  We were able to keep in contact via mailed letters and phone calls.  The phone calls were quite expensive.  I was newly marreid and pregnant with our son, we found out I was pregnant the day before Jim left!  The ability to keep in touch is now incredible.  We now have Facebook, Skpe, email it helps with the daily lonliness felt on both sides.

What do you feel brought on changes in the Army Reserve that you have observed?  I beliveve it is the result of the voices of spouses and family members being heard by the Army Reserve leadership.

What challenges fo you foresee the Army Reserve Soldier and Family member facing in the next 10 years?  We have just now left Iraq, we are still in Afghanistan.  The instability in the Middle East will never stop, so I foresee us always having a foot hold in some capacity.  I do see the Army Reserve playing a big part of it because we have such speicialized skills that the Army needs.  We have the best Soldiers in the country doing what most peple won't do and that is step up and serve while still being a viable strong member of their community.

How relevant is the Army Reserve in today's Army?  I believe we are very relevant.  The Army Reserve contributes to the overall ability of the Army to do its job.  The Army Reserve compliments the Army.  The best analogy is how a wife compliments her husband is how I believe the Army Reserve compliments the Army.  Either one cona't live/work without the other.

Thank you, Mrs. Billings!

Army Reserve 2020 Vision and Strategy

Go to to find out what the future holds for the Army Reserve.

As LTG Stultz, Chief of the Army Reserve, states, "While today's Citizen-Soldiers of the Army Reserve are performing magnificently in every environent and geographic region, we must also devote attention to tomorrow's threats and opportunites.  The coming decade requires our continued engagement around the globe, as an operation force in support of our National Security Strategy.  The Army Reserve is an integral component of our expeditionary force.  The strategic decsions and direction chosen at this juncture set the frame work for the next decade, and the future of the Army Reserve."



The Army Reserve is a positive investment for America.  Today's Army Reserve is made up of 205,000+ Warrior-Citizens who live and work in the thousands of communites across the country.  It is a commumity-based federal force, unlike the National Guard which is under the control of the Governors.

 ARMY RESERVE VISION  The Army Reserve is recognized and resourced as America's premier reservoir of shared military-civilian skills and capabilities that supports and defends the Nation.

ARMY RESERVE MISSION  The Army Reserve provides trainied, equipped, and ready Soldiers and cohesive units to meet global requirements across the full spectrum of operations.



Combat Support                   Combat Service Support                    Civil Affairs/Psych Ops

Chemical        39%                Medical                         59%                   Civil Affairs                       87%

Engineers       28%                Quartermaster            56%                   Psychological Opns      65%

Military Police  23%               Transportation            36%

Intelligence     24%                Logistics                      20%