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AUSA's Thomas J "Stonewall" Jackson Chapter (2/6/2014) - Chapter President John Miller arranged meeting with Director, 116th Infantry Regiment Foundation, to receive 600 copies of the Regimental history, Ever Forward. Book will be distributed to every NG soldier in Chapter AOR as Chapter representatives brief Army and AUSA to each National Guard unit in AOR. Books provided gratis thanks to the Foundation. Chapter will make a donation to the Foundation to help cover the cost of a Bedford Boys statue at Omaha Beach, to be erected in time for the 70th anniversary of D-Day, 6 June 2014.

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North Dakota National Guard announces new African partnerships, BISMARCK, N.D. (2/27/14) - The North Dakota National Guard (NDNG) has broadened its participation in the National Guard Bureau's State Partnership Program (SPP) by announcing the addition of two new partnerships with the West African countries of the Togolese Republic and Republic of Benin.  Click here to see more. 

California National Guard Soldiers awarded medals for valor in Afghanistan, GHAZNI PROVINCE, Afghanistan (2/21/14) - Two California Soldiers have been honored for saving two battle buddies last fall.  Click here to see more. 

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Dedicated to Army National Guard (ARNG) Soldiers:  Welcome to the Association of the United States Army's  (AUSA's) Army National Guard page.  Since 1950, AUSA has worked to support all aspects of national security while advancing the interests of America's Army and the men and women who serve.  Our purpose is to keep you informed on issues affecting ARNG officers and Soldiers.  We appreciate any feedback you may have so please send any suggestions to

AUSA's mission is to represent every American Soldier by being the voice for all components of America's Army, fostering public support of the Army's role in national security, and providing professional education and information programs.