CAB Soldiers bring strengths to Task Force Nightmare 


CSM Thomson, the CAB Command Sergeant Major (right), assists a fueler at a FARP during a JRTC rotation at Fort Polk, La. Nov. 6.  Fuelers were expected to provide over 100,000 lbs of fuel during the JRTC rotation.

Story and photo by Sgt. Keven Parry, CAB, 1st Inf. Div. Public Affairs

Soldiers from various units throughout the Combat Aviation Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, joined together to form Task Force Nightmare in order to support 4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, during their rotation at the Joint Readiness Training Center, Fort Polk, La. from Nov 4 to Nov 18.

The aviation task force brought the strengths of Soldiers throughout the brigade together into a single team in order to accomplish full spectrum air missions that will be necessary at JRTC.

All aspects of aviation operations found within the CAB were used to build the task force. TF Nightmare Soldiers will provide training to the ground forces who are preparing for deployment.

“The professionalism and the standards and the support to the ground force that they are displaying on every mission, no matter what their jobs are, is incredibly important to the success of this ground force in theater,” said Col. Mike Morgan, Commander, CAB, 1ID.

As TF Nightmare completed the deployment portion of JRTC and prepared to begin training exercises, the strength of the Soldiers was found to go beyond their jobs and assignments.

“So far, it’s been their attitude,” said Lt. Col. Lance Calvert, the TF Nightmare Commander, speaking about the biggest strength Soldiers were bringing to the operation. “I think it’s going to continue to be their attitude.”

Calvert said that everybody across the task force had embraced an attitude that showed that they were at JRTC to train the ground force and also to learn. Everyone had a positive attitude, whether they were a part of the Command Post, working in a maintenance hanger, or part of a flight crew.

“We came here to train, but we came here to learn as well,” said Calvert. “We’ll continue to practice ‘til we can’t get it wrong.”

Morgan visited the various sections of TF Nightmare and found Soldiers working hard to ensure missions will be successful once training operations begin. He recognized many Soldiers for their contributions to the success of TF Nightmare.

“It’s a multi-functional aviation task force. Everybody brings something to the fight,” said Morgan.