AUSA ILW Breakfast 

Lieutenant General Edward C. Cardon
Commanding General
United States Army Cyber Command
Date: 9/11/2014 - 9/11/2014
Sponsor: 3M Defense 
City/State: 1700 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Arlington VA 
Location: Crystal Gateway Marriott 
Contact: Diane FitzGerald 
Phone: 703 907 2661 

Sponsored By: 

AUSA's Industry Affairs Directorate conducts the Washington Land Warfare Forum as part of the AUSA Institute of Land Warfare and the Industry Affairs Educational Programs. Attendance is limited to AUSA sustaining member company designees.

The Forum furthers AUSA's effort to impress upon industry leadership the urgent need for strong, ready landpower forces and to enlist support in communicating the landpower story to Congress, the media and other option-shapers within their respective companies and the communities in which we their enterprises operate.