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DLI classroom


Building up foreign language proficiency

The Defense Language Institute underwent a change in 2005 to increase language efficiency for students.


Training focuses on dialects

Arabic is spoken throughout the world but, like English, there are variations of the language from region to region.
AFPAK soldier graduates


New programs prepare troops, civilians for language and culture found in Afghanistan, Pakistan

The Pentagon has established two programs to help service members get a better grasp of language and culture in Afghanistan and Pakistan before deploying to the region.
Russian language students


Cultural impact

A few years ago, the Defense Language Institute added the term “culturally-based” to its mission and vision statements, not so much to reflect a change but to correct a perception that DLI didn’t teach culture in its foreign language training.

Baryalai ‘Barry’ Arsala


Afghanistan native’s journey leads him to DLI as a Dari instructor

Baryalai “Barry” Arsala had a circuitous journey before he ended up at the Presidio of Monterey, Calif., as a Dari instructor at the Defense Language Institute.