July Special Report: 162nd Infantry Brigade 

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Special Report: 162nd Infantry Brigade  July 2010 AUSA News

Battle Drill Six


Tigerland: Open for business

The 162nd Infantry Brigade was reactivated and assigned to Fort Polk, La., with a new mission, a new patch, a new commander and a new designation – the 162nd Infantry Brigade (FSF-TT), Foreign Security Force – Transition Team.

.50 caliber firing


‘Our host nation security forces have to be the best’

What sometimes complicates the brigade’s mission is "the difference between Afghanistan (OEF) and Iraq (OIF)," Maj. Mark Olin, who is in charge of the 162nd Infantry Brigade's operations and training, said.

IED response training


Exercises test security responsibilities

This joint effort – between the American forces and allies – will prepare Afghan and Iraqi forces for the eventual transfer of security responsibilities back to their countries.

Training negotiations


From the field to the negotiating table

The 162nd Infantry Brigade trains combat advisers at Fort Polk, La. – resident course – and at off-site locations through the Modular Brigade – Security Force Assistance program.