Post, community will stand tall, CSM says 



Command Sgt. Maj. Arthur L. Coleman Jr.
III Corps Command Sergeant Major

On Nov. 5, tragedy struck each and every one of us at home.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the families of those directly impacted.

They dedicate their lives to supporting their soldiers. Their sacrifices before and after this event have been immense.

Our commitment to these families is enduring and our thanks to them cannot be adequately expressed.

To our soldiers, you are the embodiment of the Warrior Ethos.

Despite the incredible trauma you have suffered, you are back at work, accomplishing your missions and showing amazing strength and dedication. You should never feel alone in your pain or loss.

The entire Fort Hood community is grieving and you have support no matter where you turn. Within your unit and across post there are places with counselors and chaplains to help you deal with the overwhelming feelings you’re dealing with right now.

The first responders were answering the call to duty, reacting in the manner in which they are trained. Dedicated and selfless, saving lives while, at the same time, risking their own.

Medical and law enforcement personnel from the surrounding community also provided support. Hospitals in our neighboring towns assisted in healing our wounded troops with the best care available and are helping them on the road to recovery.

Businesses throughout the Central Texas area have donated food and supplies to our soldiers, families and civilians. All of these contributions are so greatly appreciated by everyone on Fort Hood.

A strong support system is part of what makes a soldier great. Knowing we have such a dedicated community behind us further solidifies the greatness that III Corps and Fort Hood soldiers are known for.

I am truly humbled by our community’s dedication to our troops.

Fort Hood is known as an installation that deploys soldiers.

While [these] events were incredibly tragic, we have missions that cannot cease. Regardless of the loss we’ve all suffered and the heartache we’re enduring, our mission as protectors of freedom is our highest calling.

As soldiers, we need to be trained and ready at all times and prepared to defend our nation.

Training has resumed on Fort Hood and it will help our soldiers heal. We cannot dwell in the sadness that has been surrounding us, we must return to our routines and, more importantly, our missions.

Many of our Fort Hood units have deployments in the near future. They must be technically and tactically proficient before they deploy to ensure their safety and the success of the mission.

As a corps, we will heal, we will continue to stand tall, and we will continue to move forward.

We are all Phantom Warriors, America’s Hammer.