Army Reserve’s 85th Support Command conducts birthday ceremony 


Spc. Necory Smith presents a sabre to Brig. Gen. Gracus K. Dunn, commanding general, 85th Support Command, for the cake cutting portion of the 238th Army birthday celebration at the unit’s headquarters. Dunn then passed the sabre to retired Master Sgt. Michael Kreinbring, who was honored as the ‘most senior’ noncommissioned officer to participate in the cake cutting. Pfc. Yvette Leon also participated as the ‘most junior’ soldier. (Photo Credit: Sgt. Carrie A. Castillo, 85th Support Command Public Affairs)

Sgt. Carrie Castillo

Members of the 85th Support Command, U.S. Army Reserve, located approximately 25 miles northwest of Chicago in Arlington Heights, Ill., held a cake cutting ceremony in honor of the Army’s 238th Birthday.

Brig. Gen. Gracus K. Dunn, commanding general of the 85th Support Command, and deputy commanding general for support, First Army Division West – Fort Hood, Texas, Command Sgt. Maj. Kevin J. Greene, command sergeant major, 85th Support Command and Master Sgt. Michael Kreinbring, honored after 33 years of service and retiring at the ceremony were members of the official party.

Two hundred thirty-eight years ago, the Continental Army was established, beginning a rich heritage of successfully defending this country and its citizens.

Carrying on with the historical traditions of the Army, Greene deferred the honor, as the most senior noncommissioned officer, of cutting the birthday cake to Kreinbring as his last act as a soldier.

The most junior enlisted soldier to assist in the cake cutting was Pfc. Yvette Leon, a human resource specialist.

The cake cutting ceremony is important to all soldiers, as it is an annual celebration of the formation of the Army and a renewal of each soldier’s commitment to the unit.

The cake is traditionally cut with a sword, as a reminder that soldiers are a band of warriors – committed to carry the sword – so that our nation may live in peace.

Immediately following the cake cutting, the soldiers sang "The Birthday Song" accompanied by music from the 85th Army Band brass and percussion ensemble.

As tradition dictates, "The Army Song" closed the ceremony.

Prior to singing, Dunn announced that this was the first time that the 85th Support Command along with the 85th Army Band would premiere the new arrangement of "The Army Song."

"Not only do we recognize the 238th Army birthday today," Dunn said, "We would also like to honor a soldier who says ‘goodbye’ to the Army after a distinguished career spanning three decades."