AUSA Council of Trustees approves Advisory Board of Directors members 


The Association of the United States Army’s Council of Trustees, at its April meeting, approved the appointment of 13 new members and 15 reappointed members to the Association’s Advisory Board of Directors.

Members will serve a three year term beginning July 1, 2010.

The newly appointed members are: Lt. Col. Terry L. Allbritton, USAR, Ret., Fairfax-Lee Chapter; Command Sgt. Maj. Victor S. Angry, ARNG, Fairfax-Lee Chapter; Maj. Gen. Craig Bambrough, USA, Ret., George Washington Chapter; Col. Jerome J. Comello, USA, Ret., Carlisle Barracks – Cumberland Valley Chapter; Melinda Darby, George Washington Chapter; and Barbara J. Heffernan, George Washington Chapter.

Also appointed were: Col. Robert T. Lynch, USA, Ret., Greater New York – Statue of Liberty Chapter; Brig. Gen. Richard S. Miller, Indiana – South Bend Subchapter; William F. Moore, Robert E. Lee Chapter; and Phillip E. Sakowitz, Jr., Central Virginia Chapter.

Maj. Gen. Richard S. Colt, USA, Ret., Greater New York – Statue of Liberty Chapter, was confirmed as an alternate for the Finance and Audit Committee.

Reappointed members were: Brig. Gen. Leo A. Brooks, USA, Ret., George Washington Chapter; Col. Jimmy D. Cox, USA, Ret., Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson Chapter; Sgt. 1st Class Mary J. Dawson, USA, Ret., Central Texas – Fort Hood Chapter; Col. Michor M. Gentemann, USA, Ret., Fort Lewis Chapter; Col. Edward S. Graham, USA, Ret., Massachusetts Bay Chapter; Col. Mark R. Lewis, USA, Ret., Fairfax-Lee Chapter; and Command Sgt. Maj. Andrew McFowler, USA, Ret., Braxton Bragg Chapter.

Lt. Col. Dennis Morgan, USA. Ret., Rhode Island Chapter; Gerald J. Purcell, Fairfax-Lee Chapter; Diane M. Schaule, Alamo Chapter; Command Sgt. Maj. Roger Stradley, USA, Ret., Fort Knox Chapter; Sgt. 1st Class Ron Taylor, USA, Ret., Central Texas – Fort Hood Chapter; Emily H. Vandiver, Redstone-Huntsville, Ala., Chapter; Maureen Viall, Fairfax-Lee Chapter; and Lt. Col. Ruff Warren, USA, Ret., Fort Knox Chapter, were also reappointed.

Advisory board members serve on one of the Association’s standing committees to include: Army civilians; awards; chapter operations; finance and audit; NCO and soldier programs; reserve components; retiree and veterans affairs; and standing bylaws.

A listing of the committees and their members is published periodically in ARMY Magazine.