December 2010 AUSA NEWS 

December AUSA News cover

Vol. 34, No. 2

Listed below are the articles and features of our December 2010 issue of AUSA News. Please visit the AUSA News Archive for online access to previous issues.

Taliban fight


‘Slow and steady,’ but progress is being made in Afghanistan

Calling the progress in Afghanistan "slow and steady," Brig. Gen. John Nicholson, director of the Joint Staff Afghanistan Pakistan Coordination Cell, said spikes of violence are to be expected in areas where the Taliban and other insurgents haven’t been completely cleared of in the past.

Chinook relief mission


Army aims to speed, streamline acquisition

The Army is attempting to speed up and streamline its acquisition processes to allow for more effective modernization of the force, senior leaders told an Institute of Land Warfare Contemporary Military Forum at the AUSA Annual Meeting.


Army leaders devise cost-conscious approach

To adjust to the coming era of budget constraints, the Army is working to convert its commanders and managers from a "budget culture," where they spent whatever funds they were given, to a "cost culture," in which they determine what everything costs and what benefit the Army gains from it, a panel of Army leaders.


Army Reserve continues evolution

The Army Reserve has evolved internally over the past year while in the midst of becoming more aligned with the regular Army as an operational force, and Lt. Gen. Jack C. Stultz is keeping an eye on the future as well to determine what role the Army Reserve will take when deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan decline.


Civilians replacing officers in senior positions

The prolonged conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq have brought a significant change in the leadership of the Army’s civilian workforce, with civilian executives replacing Army officers in many of the top management positions.