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ARMY Magazine Volume 64, Number 9

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Front & Center
‘No Boots on the Ground’ Is a Mantra, Not a Strategy
By Gen. Gordon R. Sullivan, USA Ret., and Lt. Gen. James M. Dubik, USA Ret.
"The current 'no boots on the ground' mantra ... is problematic from five importance perspectives...."

Does the Army Promote Competence In Its Officers?
By Maj. Melanie S. Kirchhoff
"As the Army continues to pursue higher levels of professionalism and performance, it is critical to ensure that officer competence is ... effectively identified, recruited, trained, retained, rewarded and promoted."

Winning the Battle of Perception: How Self-Expression Shapes Warrior Identity
By Garrison E. Haning
His recollections of service in Iraq are just one view of the experience, notes the author, and all the other soldiers who served "have a voice and a story that need to be heard."

Redefining Army Leadership
By Sgt. Maj. Joel C. Zecca
"The evolution of the 21st-century soldier must incorporate ethics into its definition."

Serving From the Outside: Fleeing Iraq For the Army and Being Disappointed
By Layla Doe
An Iraqi woman who "was forever changed by the conflicts"  there worked for elements of the U.S. government, emigrated to the U.S, where she met culture shock and peer pressure when she joined the Army.

The Passing of a Proud Soldier
By Jay Marquart
The author reflects on the long and full life of a former technical sergeant who "was still doing the uniform proud" when he passed away. 

Features What You Missed

Moral Injury: What Leaders Don't Mention When They Talk of War
By Lt. Col. Douglas A. Pryer
Military leaders should help reduce moral injury--lasting problems caused by acting against one's moral beliefs and expectations--by fighting in line with our moral code instead of in ways that are legal but unjust.

She’s the Army
By Thomas B. Spincic
Michigan Army National Guard Sgt. Kate Taylor Logan, inspired by her own difficult transition from the Army, is now an advocate for other veterans reintegrating into civilian life.

Networking Force 2025
By Lt. Gen. Robert S. Ferrell, Lt. Gen. Michael E. Williamson
and Brig. Gen.(P) Daniel P. Hughes
To retain its edge over capable opponents and prepare for future fighting, the Army is implementing a modernization that will result in a flexible and secure global information network with the required capacity and reach.

From Baghdad to Detroit: Are We So Different?
By Maj. Jaron S. Wharton
Visiting Detroit as a White House Fellow, a veteran of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan notices parallels and similarities between the devastated areas.

Apache Manned-Unmanned Teaming Capability
By Lt. Col. Steven G. Van Riper
Two fielded systems allow manned-unmanned teaming, a critical capacity for future Army success; the links allow AH-64 helicopter pilots to send and receive data from manned and unmanned platforms.

8 Unique Values: Why America Needs the Army
By Loren B. Thompson
The Army can and does perform services no other organization can execute or execute well, but it needs to better publicize its unique competencies in order to receive necessary congressional funding.

Innovative Technologies and American Soldiers of Fortune
By Jay Mallin Sr. and Robert L. Scheina
American soldiers of fortune, many of whom are veterans, have sold their skills and technological expertise to foreign countries for centuries.

28th ID Returns to France
By Staff Sgt. Doug Roles
Pennsylvania National Guard headquarters battle staff who sought challenging training successfully integrated with multinational soldiers during a recent NATO exercise in France.

CompanyCommand: Leading Teams of Army Cyber Warriors
Company-grade cyber officers share some of their thoughts and experiences about the fastest-growing component of the Army.

The Rapid Equipping Force: An Enduring Quick-Reaction Capability
By Col. Steven A. Sliwa
Using mostly emergency off-the-shelf solutions and limited development, the Rapid Equipping Force has been swiftly providing deployed units with urgent technologies since 2002.


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Seven Questions for Dr. Walter Otieno, Principal Investigator for the Malaria Vaccine Trial at the Walter Reed Project-Kenya Medical Research Institute
Field Site.
By Jennifer Benitz

Developing New Education for Nominative
Sergeants Major
By James W. Shufelt, Alan G. Bourque and Col. Michael C. Howitz

Cutting the Wires, Cutting the Cost: There's a Future in Cloud-Based Digital Training, Delivered on Demand.
By Dennis Steele

Helicopter Fleets Undergoing Dramatic Changes
By Scott R. Gourley

75th Training Command Participates in Vibrant Response 13-2
By Capt. Malinda Pennell

Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force: Internal Modernization and External Partnership
By Gen. Kiyofumi Iwata

My Friend Herb
By Col. Richard D.
Hooker Jr., USA Ret.

The Outpost:
Holding the Fort
By Lt. Gen. Daniel P. Bolger, USA Ret.


Washington Report
News Call
Soldier Armed
Historically Speaking

Waging War: Alliances, Coalitions, and Institutions of Interstate Violence
By Patricia A. Weitsman

West Point Leadership: Profiles of Courage
By Daniel E. Rice; Lt. Col. John Vigna, USA Ret.; et al.

Merrill’s Marauders: The Untold Story of Unit Galahad and the Toughest Special Forces Mission of World War II
By Gavin Mortimer

Hap Arnold: The General Who Invented the U.S. Air Force
By Bill Yenne

Deliver Us From Darkness: The Untold Story of Third Battalion 506 Parachute Infantry Regiment During Market Garden
By Ian Gardner