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ARMY Magazine Volume 64, Number 3

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Front & Center

Marshall Wisdom: Lessons from the Past
By GEN Frederick J. Kroesen, USA Ret.
GEN George C. Marshall's "abundance of sage observations" are still germane and "deserve respect and consideration."


Materiel Command Shoots for Technological Edge
By GEN Dennis L. Via
Investments in science and technology are part of U.S. Army Materiel Command’s plan for a future in which there could be fewer soldiers and fewer resources. In this issue, the commanding general of Materiel Command talks about the command and how it has become an intellectual powerhouse searching for breakthrough technology and innovation to make a leaner, more agile force even more lethal, easier to maintain and more survivable.

Dempsey: Change Starts with Junior Leaders
By Rick Maze
The uncertainty and instability of the world demand a more agile military than the one the United States has today. Junior leaders must embrace change in order to lead it effectively. 

Cyber Warriors Draw a Line in the Silicon
By Dennis Steele
The Army is building its cyber capabilities and forces to be ready and proficient for conflicts and attacks on the growing, elusive and invisible battlefield of cyberspace. 

Recruiting Realities Require New Approaches
By MG Allen Batschelet, Rick Ayer and COL Mike Runey
To recruit the talent it will need in the future, the Army must begin to cooperate and unify the recruiting effort, centralize education and training of the recruiting team, and research how to attract the talent it needs.

The Man Who Bugled
By COL Richard D. Hooker Jr., USA Ret.
A family bugle that first saw service in World War I carried one soldier from the mountains of Bosnia and battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan to Washington, D.C.’s halls of power. It warned, cheered and honored thousands of his comrades along the way. 

The Outpost:
SGT Molly, a Sister-in-Arms
By LTG Daniel P. Bolger, USA Ret.
From the day Molly Pitcher lugged water to soldiers during the Revolutionary War to the day SGT Leigh Ann Hester received a Silver Star for bravery in Iraq, women have proven themselves an integral part of the Army.  

Combating Sexual Assault in the Army
By Thomas B. Spincic
The Army is changing the way it handles sexual assault and sexual harassment cases to better protect and meet the needs of victims.

The Best Advice I’ve Ever Received
In their own words, leaders share the best advice they have ever received and describe why it is so meaningful. 


Washington Report
News Call
Soldier Armed
Historically Speaking


Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War
Robert M. Gates

When Soldiers Fall: How Americans Have Confronted Combat Losses From World War I to Afghanistan
Steven Casey

General Albert C. Wedemeyer: America’s Unsung Strategist in World War II
John J. McLaughlin

7 Leadership Lessons of the American Revolution: The Founding Fathers, Liberty, and the Struggle for Independence
John Antal