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ARMY Magazine Volume 64, Number 6

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Front & Center

More Than a Fair Share of Sacrifice
By Gen. Frederick J. Kroesen, USA Ret.
In the face of drastic budget cuts, "career-committed, well-trained men and women ... will suffer reduction in force notices because the goverenment is reneging on the contracts they thought they had signed."

Stating the Obvious and Pretending It's Not
By Lt. Gen. James M. Dubik, USA Ret.
"Sometimes stating the obvious is exactly what is needed" in order to face reality and prepare for the future.

Murky Future Requires Clear Thinking
By Col. Barry R. McCaffrey, USA Ret.
Although U.S. armed forces are "the most powerful and dominant military force in history ... the current U.S. national strategy and funding trajectory may wreck this force in the coming 15 years."

Another Army Birthday
By Brig. Gen. Harold W. Nelson, USA Ret.
" Wise observations have been obscured by heated debate of the Regulars vs. militia issue" since Winfield Scott led both types of soldiers during the War of 1812.     

Features What You Missed


Special Operations—An Army Core Competency
By Lt. Gen. Charles T. Cleveland and Lt. Col. Stuart L. Farris
Due to the 2012 defense strategic guidance’s emphasis on “small-footprint approaches,” perhaps now more than ever, special operations offer talents and skills that are increasingly relevant in modern conflict. As such, they must be recognized as an Army core competency. 

Eat, Sleep, Exercise: Seven Questions for the Army Surgeon General on the Performance Triad
By Jennifer Benitz
The Army’s Performance Triad campaign was created to promote physical, psychological and emotional health as well as to enhance readiness. ARMY Magazine interviewed Lt. Gen. Patricia D. Horoho, Surgeon General of the Army, to glean details about this important program.

Addressing the Army’s Values-to-Virtues Gap
By Col. Don M. Snider, USA Ret.
An essay on the “fundamental tenets of what it means to be an Army professional” is the first in a series of occasional articles about the Army profession.

He’s the Army
Master Sgt. Chris Pair used the emergency medical training and leadership skills he learned in the Army when he saved the lives of two teenagers injured in a car wreck.

Rebranding the Army
By Mark S. Davis, Maj. Eric Balough
and Lt. Col.(P) Nick Wittwer
Making the Army’s opportunities known to the public is not enough to attract new young recruits. Consequently, the Army is introducing a marketing campaign that focuses on social media and highlights the value of the Army as an institution. 

Five Other Challenges Facing the Army
By Daniel Goure
Despite increasing fiscal constraints, the Army must face and resolve certain challenges in order to maintain readiness as well as its technological and operational edge.

National World War II Museum Honors ‘the Greatest Generation’
By Jennifer Benitz
The National World War II Museum in New Orleans pays tribute to the men and women who served in the military during World War II.

The Outpost: The Day Before D-Day
By Lt. Gen. Daniel P. Bolger, USA Ret.
On June 5, 1944, the Army liberated Rome after a long, brutal struggle with the Germans, but this landmark event was overshadowed by the landings in Normandy that marked the invasion of France.

Moving to Post-Service Life: Advice for Spouses
By Toni Eugene
Transitioning from military to civilian life can be particularly challenging for civilian spouses of servicemembers. Following several steps, such as starting early and establishing a schedule, can ease that transition.

Exercise Gryphon Tomahawk: Relevant, Cost-Effective, Home-Station Training
By Maj. David Rowland
A training exercise with a specific focus on military intelligence serves as a model of how brigades and garrisons can conduct training among multiple Army commands without the expense of sending troops to the National Training Center. 


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Active Forces Face Disproportionate Cuts
By Rick Maze

All-American Lieutenants: The 82nd Airborne in Normandy
By Col. Cole C. Kingseed, USA Ret. 

Powering Soldiers
By Dennis Steele 

Reflections of a Project Warrior Officer
By Maj. James C. Bithorn

The Death of Capt. Kurth
By Col. Richard D. Hooker Jr., USA Ret. 



Washington Report
News Call
Soldier Armed
Historically Speaking


The Devil’s Garden: Rommel’s Desperate Defense of Omaha Beach on D-Day
Steven Zaloga

Strategy: A History
Lawrence Freedman

Westmoreland's War: Reassessing American Strategy in Vietnam
Gregory A. Daddis

A Mad Catastrophe: The Outbreak of World War I and the Collapse of the Habsburg Empire
Geoffrey Wawro

The Americans on D-Day: A Photographic History of the Normandy Invasion
Martin K.A. Morgan

Afghanistan: On the Bounce.
Robert L. Cunningham with Steven Hartov