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ARMY Magazine Volume 64, Number 8

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Front & Center

No Can Do
By Gen. Frederick J. Kroesen, USA Ret.
Although the Army's "can-do determination" has become apparent in these days of resource reductions, "the risks and difficulties it faces"
effecting those reductions "receive little attention."

These Colors Never Run: Valor Is Not a Relic of the Past
By Col. Richard D. Hooker Jr., USA Ret.
"In combat ... it is the primary group—the fire team, the squad, the crew—that matters most."

How Will This War End?
By Lt. Gen. James M. Dubik, USA Ret.
"The U.S. is now on its third strategy in this war," which "seems as unlikely to attain America's strategic aims as the previous two."


Features What You Missed

Setting a New Course for Senior Leaders
By Alan G. Bourque
Success with a four-week test program giving future leaders a bigger picture ofthe Army’s role in national security has resulted in a second course being scheduled forfiscal year 2015.

Military Leaders Defend Prisoner Exchange
By Rick Maze
Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and Army leaders describe the exchange of five detainees for the release of Taliban prisoner of war Sgt. Bowe R. Bergdahl as the right thing to do, but the Army is investigating circumstances of his 2009 disappearance while serving in Afghanistan.

Army Budget Holds Promise for Defense Contractors
By William H. Campbell
For defense contractors, the good news about the Army budget is the worst may be over, allowing a smart company to find stability in a messy budget process.

Permanent Ink on Your Permanent Record
By Dennis Steele
New regulations limiting the size, number and location of soldiers’ tattoos are widely known. Less known is that photographic records of everyone’s tattoos will someday be made public.

He's the Army
By Jeremy Dow
Experience gained in Afghanistan and as a medic in Iraq enabled Sgt. 1st Class John M. Jackson to rescue and stabilize the victim of a truck crash who lost his leg in the accident. 

Fuel and Water Are Important, but We Need To Improve the Logistics
By Mark Broughton
Three basics of life—food, water and fuel—change little, but as combat and the world change, the military needs to improve how these essentials are transported and delivered over various terrains and long distances.

Armored Force: The Indispensable Component of Strategic Deterrence
By Capt. Nathan Jennings
Combined arms battalions, a dynamic aspect of armored deterrence, will help prepare for the future conflicts that will shape world politics and processes.

A Global Landpower Network Could Be the Ultimate Anti-Network
By Lt. Gen. Charles T. Cleveland
and Lt. Col. Stuart L. Farris
Developing and supporting a network of forces and partners around the world would help the U.S. mitigate the uncertainty and surprise inherent in conflict.

Count on Commercial Solutions to Maintain Technological Superiority
By Rory J. Yanchek
and Richard N. Kuyath
The Army needs to integrate technologies from commercial and industrial sources as well as those that serve DoD in order to maintain its technological edge.

The Outpost: Schlieffen’s Perfect Plan
By Lt. Gen. Daniel P. Bolger, USA Ret.
To ensure victory on two battle fronts, the German General Staff, headed by Field Marshal Alfred von Schlieffen, adapted a plan from ancient battlefield genius Hannibal of Carthage that they thought was unbeatable.

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How to Build a Lasting Active-Reserve Partnership
By Lt. Col. James Jay Carafano, USA Ret.

Seven Questions for Filmmaker Richard Jellerson on MIAs and ‘A Solemn Promise’
By Jeremy Dow

The Mexican Punitive Expedition: U.S. Preparation for World War I
By John K. Ward

Network Integration Evaluation 14.2:
So What?
By Scott R. Gourley

Super Vision: Shedding Light on Better Infrared Devices
By Dennis Steele









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Peter R. Mansoor

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Gordon Martel

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Bob Welch