ARMY Magazine October 2008 

Volume 58, Number 10

The Green Book

Used by military, government and industry experts as a reference tool, the Green Book is unparalleled in putting into a single issue the Army’s vision and the challenges it faces. This comprehensive issue is published to coincide with the AUSA Annual Meeting, the largest gathering of landpower experts and industry leaders in the United States.

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     Selected Status Reports

    AUSA: Providing Support to Soldiers and Families
    The president of AUSA confirms the importance of land forces in this era of persistent conflict and reaffirms the Association’s mission to support soldiers, their families and the future of the U.S. Army.

    Today’s Army—Ready Today, Preparing for Tomorrow
    The Secretary of the Army reports that the Army, after seven years of radical transformation, has evolved new counterinsurgency approaches that dominate in today’s fighting and that it will continue to pursue full spectrum readiness, continually adapting to thwart a wide range of threats.

    America’s Army in an Era of Persistent Conflict
    The Army Chief of Staff reviews the accomplishments of the past year, noting that the Army will retain an asymmetric advantage through versatility of land forces and its primary resource, people.

    Soldiers: America’s Strength
    The Sergeant Major of the Army notes that the 245,000 adaptive, competent and confident troopers deployed to 80 countries around the globe are also culturally astute leaders and diplomats performing missions unimaginable 20 years ago.

    Iraq: Building on Progress
    Gen. David H. Petraeus reports that Army leaders and war fighters have achieved progress in terms of security in Iraq, helping the nation make important gains in the economic, diplomatic and political arenas.

    Winning in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
    The Commander of the International Security Assistance Force writes that security, governance and reconstruction constitute the comprehensive approach to overcoming the insurgency in Afghanistan that will result in political victory.
    Army National Guard: Pillars of Army Strength
    The director of the Army National Guard cites personnel readiness and equipment versatility as essential to the support his forces provide, whether in Iraq, Afghanistan or along the Mississippi River in the American heartland.

    The Army Reserve: Ready for the Next 100 Years
    As the Army Reserve enters its second century, its chief explains that its warrior-citizens, whether deployed around the globe or serving at home, provide a cost-effective solution to the Army’s need for specialized capabilities.


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