ARMY Magazine October 2007 

Listed below are selected articles and features of our October 2007 – Vol. 57, No. 10 issue.
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 Selected Status Reports

The American Soldier—Making the Army Strong
The President of AUSA reports on implementing the Association’s mission—support for the soldier and voice for the Army—today and into the future.

The Strength of the Nation
The Army Chief of Staff emphasizes the need to sustain, prepare, reset, transform and build the Army and calls for the support of the nation to restore balance in the face of persistent conflict.

The All-Volunteer Force: A National Treasure
The Secretary of the Army reviews recent improvements, and the changes still necessary, to sustain the all-volunteer Army-soldiers and their families.

This is Our Time to Carry on the Legacy
The Sergeant Major of the Army notes that the soldiers now serving in the war on terrorism carry on a tradition of sacrifice and dedication to duty that began 232 years ago.

Iraq: Progress in the Face of Challenge
The Commander of the Multi-National Force-Iraq notes that the Army’s “clear, hold, build” strategy is an essential aspect of the Iraqi-Coalition partnership.

NATO: International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan
The Commander of the International Security Force (ISAF) describes the nature of the ISAF-NATO partnership designed to strengthen security, enable governance and support reconstruction in Afghanistan.

The Army Reserve: No Longer a Strategic Reserve
The Chief of the Army Reserve explains how the Reserve is making dramatic changes to structure, training and readiness as it transforms to an operational, expeditionary force.

Army National Guard: An Integral Part of Army Strong
The Director of the National Guard reports that the Army National Guard, still an important element of the nation’s emergency preparedness network, is also an operational force in today’s Army at war.


 Army Weapons and Equipment