ARMY Magazine December 2006 

Volume 56, Number 12

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 Front & Center

The Balance of Leadership in an Army at War
By Col. William E. Rapp
"Although great officers and NCOs have led our Army superbly through five years of continuous war against terrorism, I offer leadership concepts as a means to generate thought and to help coach our junior leaders on what Army leadership in a time of war and change is all about."

Strategic Cook’s Tour
By Col. John M. Collins, USA Ret.
How well do U.S. leaders play strategic games in the 21st century? A quick Cook’s tour of U.S practices in Afghanistan, Iraq, North Korea, Iran, Israel and Somalia reveal a few clues within the context of the global war on terrorism.

 Selected Features

CompanyCommand—Building Combat-Ready Teams: The Art of Rewarding Soldiers
Combat commanders suggest different methods to improve unit morale.

FCS Update: Intelligent Munitions System
By Dean Risseeuw and Todd A. Kulik
The intelligent munitions system can defend supply routes and city streets by sensing the enemy’s presence and attacking with munitions that can destroy tanks and personnel.

Air and Missile Defense Goes Global
By Maj. Gen. Robert P. Lennox
“ADA soldiers will confront future air and missile threats as team players in a global alliance of joint and coalition theater air and missile defense forces representing the world’s most technologically advanced nations.”

Ballistic Missile Defense: The High Ground Secured
By Lt. Gen. Larry J. Dodgen
The U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/U.S. Army Forces Strategic Command protects the United States and our allies from emerging 21st-century threats.

Impassioned Marshall Medal Honoree Calls for Greater Commitment to the American Soldier
Former Senator Warren Rudman paid tribute to Gen. George C. Marshall and called for “a fair break” for today’s American soldier during his acceptance speech for AUSA’s George Catlett Marshall Medal for lifetime achievement.



Washington Report

News Call

Soldier Armed

Historically Speaking


Cradle of Conflict: Iraq and the Birth of the Modern U.S. Military
Michael Knights

George Washington and Benedict Arnold: A Tale of Two Patriots
Dave R. Palmer

I Want You! The Evolution of the All-Volunteer Force
Bernard Rostker

Mud: A Military History
C.E. Wood