ARMY Magazine November 2005 

Volume 55, Number 11

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 Front & Center

Leadership by Example
By Col. Don M. Snider, U.S. Army retired
The author recently spoke on fulfilling the obligations of a commission at an ROTC Commissioning Ceremony at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Unit Designations in Our New Modular Army
By Brig. Gen. John S. Brown, U.S. Army retired
The new modular Army will be a full spectrum force, facing wildly scattered, diverse episodes of mid- and low-intensity violence during the near future.

 Selected Features

Company Command--Building Combat-Ready Teams: Making Sense of Killing
Company Commanders answer the question, "Do you have the responsibility to equip your soldiers for making sense of killing in combat?"

Future Combat Systems and Commonality
By Col. Christopher V. Cardine, USA Ret.
The Army's manned ground vehicles will share a common chassis that will simultaneously revolutionize operations and logistics, thus giving decisive advantages to unit of employment commanders.

Few People, Small Boats, Big Effort
By Dennis Steele
A handful of Army National Guard Special Forces soldiers sped to New Orleans and coordinated their efforts with local officials to evacuate thousands of people from the stricken city.

"U.S. Army: We're Here to Help"
By Dennis Steele
The active duty Army deployed more than 20,000 soldiers to the Gulf Coast area in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, joining more than 50,000 soldiers from the national Guard in the relief effort.



Washington Report

News Call

Soldier Armed


U.S. Army: A Complete History
Col. Raymond K. Bluhm Jr., USA Ret., Editor-in-chief

The Future of the Army Profession, 2nd Edition
Don M. Snider, Project Director; Lloyd J. Matthews, Editor

David McCullough