ARMY Magazine July 2004 

Volume 54, Number 7

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 Front & Center

Report from 'Old Europe'
By Maj. Gen. Edward B. Atkeson, USA Ret.

 Selected Features

Carrying the Load in Iraq
By Dennis Steele
What one Army trucker called "a Berlin Airlift on wheels" is being conducted on the highways of Iraq every day.

Army Aviation: On the Move
By Gen. Crosbie E. Saint, USA Ret., Brig. Gen. E.J. Sinclair and Maj. Jonathan O. Gass
Success achieved during Operation Iraqi Freedom shows the potential for Army Aviation in the joint environment of the future.

Under Fire: Training the Iraqi Armed Forces
By Maj. Wayne Marotto
Teams from the Army Reserve’s 75th Division (Training Support) are sharing the risks and training members of the Iraqi armed forces to secure their country.


Washington Report

News Call

Soldier Armed


The Regulars: The American Army, 1898-1941
Edward M. Coffman

A War of a Different Kind: Military Force and America’s Search for Homeland Security
Stephen M. Duncan

Villers-Bocage: Normandy 1944
Henri Marie