ARMY Magazine January 2004 

Volume 54, Number 1

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 Front & Center

The Incident Command System: How Civilians "Think Purple"
By Lt. Col. Gregory Banner, USA Ret.
The Incident Command System in concept has many similarities to military staff and command structures. There are idiosyncrasies to be sure, but the principles are often the same.

On Guerrillas: Warfare in Iraq
By CSM Steven J. Greer, USA Ret.
Failure to clearly delineate and define the mission in Iraq as well as our strategy for disengagement is a recipe for further coalition casualties.

 Selected Features

Air and Missile Defense: Operation Iraqi Freedom
By Col. Charles Anderson
Patriot batteries and their crews proved invaluable in protecting the skies over coalition forces and their host countries during the march to Baghdad.

The Air-Maneuver and Transport Concept: Can it Transform the Nature of Rapid Contingency Operations?
By Lt. Gen. H. Thomas Fields Jr., USA Ret.
Like the tank and the helicopter, the Army’s air-maneuver and transport concept is working to change the face of combat.

Army Aviation Transformation
By Maj. Gen. Joseph L. Bergantz
Army aviation, both manned and unmanned, has proven its capabilities in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world. Great work has been accomplished, but there is more to be done.

Guard at War
By MSgt. Bob Haskell
Around the globe, the citizen-soldiers of the National Guard are serving to protect freedom abroad so Americans can be safe at home.

30 Years Later—The All-Volunteer Force and the Army Reserve
By Lt. Gen. James R. Helmly
"The Army Reserve has been in a continuous state of mobilization, deploying units and soldiers to places that many of us might have trouble finding on a world map. That is our job."

The Soldier's Creed
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Washington Report

News Call

Soldier Armed


Ripples of Battle: How Wars of the Past Still Determine How We Fight, How We Live, and How We Think
Victor Davis Hanson

These Honored Dead: How the Story of Gettysburg Shaped American Memory
Thomas A. Desjardin

Snake Pilot: Flying the Cobra Attack Helicopter in Vietnam
Randy R. Zahn