ARMY Magazine May 2002 

Volume 52, Number 5

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 Front & Center

Afghanistan: Templates and Temptations
By William R. Hawkins
American troops have shown themselves to be unequaled in combat, but the United States needs to rebuild its conventional warfighting strength.

Gen. Thurman's Impact on Army Writing
By Maj. Casimir C. Carey III
Gen. Maxwell Thurman may not be in the Army anymore in body, but his spirit certainly lives on in our pens and keyboards.

The Korean War at 50
May 1952 Timeline

 Selected Features

AMC: The Army's Logistics Center—Essential in Peace, Indispensable in War
By Lt. Gen. Roy E. Beauchamp
As the Army's logistician, the Army Materiel Command is in the right place, at the right time, with the right equipment all the time, and it keeps that equipment working without fail.

Transformation of the Army Medical Department
By Lt. Gen. James B. Peake
Army medics and the Medical Command have performed magnificently in the war against terror, saving lives at the Pentagon and in Afghanistan and testing for anthrax. Even as the war continues, the Army Medical Department is transforming to meet the needs of tomorrow's Army.

TRICARE for Life: What a Difference a Year Makes
By William B. Loper
In a year's time the Army has gone from deciding how TRICARE for Life would be funded to fixing glitches in the system.

Operations Support Command Puts Logistics Support on the Line
By Maj. Gen. Wade H. McManus Jr.
The OSC gets combat equipment and other vital materiel from prepositioned stocks all over the world to the fighting front in Afghanistan and other hotspots for the war against terror.

Theater Support Vessel: On the Spearhead of Army Transportation
By Lt. Col. Zbigniew M. Majchrzak, USA Ret. and Maj. Charles K. Ledebuhr, USA Ret.
With its ability to load and discharge in less than 20 minutes, the Theater Support Vessel supports Army Transformation, demonstrating one solution to making the current and future Army more operationally and strategically responsive.

How Much Does a Bullet Cost?
By Col. Stanley Lillie, Maj. Mark T. Corbett and Rick O'Donnell
Green ammunition, using tungsten instead of lead, eliminates years of costly cleanup and is as effective as lead-based ammunition.



Washington Report

News Call

Soldier Armed


Shadow Warriors: Inside the Special Forces
Tom Clancy with Gen. Carl Stiner, U.S. Army retired, and Tony Koltz

MacArthur and the American Century: A Reader
Edited by William M. Leary

My Rise to the Stars: How a Sharecropper’s Daughter Became an Army General
Clara L. Adams-Ender with Blair S. Walker

September 11: A Testimony
Jim Boyd, executive editor