ARMY Magazine December 2002 

Volume 52, Number 12

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 Front & Center

Expending the Force II
By Gen. Frederick J. Kroesen, USA Ret.
The Gulf War, not World War II or Korea, should be the model for preparing a division for commitment, and sustaining the effort for the long term should have a high priority.

The Korean War at 50
December 1952 Timeline

 Selected Features

Why We Need a Globally Integrated Air and Missile Defense
By Lt. Gen. Joseph M. Cosumano Jr.
To maintain dominance on the battlefields of the future, we and our friends and allies must develop and deploy an effective counter to the emerging air and missile threat.

Developing the Technology and Systems for a Globally Integrated Air and Missile Defense
By Maj. Gen. John M. Urias
The Army is leading the way in achieving a globally integrated air and missile defense capability through aggressive exploitation of technologies and validation using testing and operational exercises.

Training Required to Conduct the Air & Missile Defense Mission
By Maj. Gen. Stanley E. Green
The foundation for integrated air and missile defense training must be the identification of the activities, tasks, tactics, techniques and procedures needed to accomplish given missions.

Space Support to a Globally Integrated Air & Missile Defense
By Brig. Gen. Richard V. Geraci
Space dominance will be critical to achieving the integrated air and missile defense necessary to fully realize Army Transformation.

White Sands Missile Range
Located in the vast high desert of south central New Mexico, White Sands Missile Range is the Army’s largest piece of real estate and stands ready to provide dynamic testing.

Dawn of the Stryker
By Dennis Steele
The Army’s first Stryker-equipped unit received the new vehicles just before deploying to the National Training Center to demonstrate what they could do.

Search: Mission Essential Task For a 21st Century Conflict
By Capt. Christopher Simpson and Maj. James Matheson
In this 21st century of terrorism and nonstate actors, search is becoming an increasingly vital mission.



Washington Report

News Call

Soldier Armed


General Patton: A Soldier’s Life
Stanley P. Hirshson

The Future of the Army Profession
Don M. Snider and Gayle L. Watkins, project directors

Victory at Mortain: Stopping Hitler’s Panzer Counteroffensive
Mark J. Reardon

The Fort Riley Sesquicentennial 2003 Calendar
Jack Lowell

Brandy Station: A Battle Like None Other
Richard E. Crouch