AUSA Annual Meeting Stories 


Monday, October 10th

Chapter President's Dinner

Top Commander Warns Against Return to Isolationism

European Commander's Wife Emphasizes Family Strength

Reserve Component leaders stress maintaining ‘operational reserve’ status.

FORSCOM commander credits reserve components in Army’s successes

Israeli military tests new airburst-style weapon 

Top two Army leaders insist on a 'balanced, full spectrum force' despite heavy budget cuts 

On the Floor: Water bottles go high-tech 

Vice chief describes Army efforts to battling stress, mental illness

Army medical community addressing non-deployable soldier issue 

Family Forum 1 highlights family programs, suicide prevention, employment 

Why are so many soldiers non-deployable? Many answers to the question 

What will soldiers do in “available phase” when deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq end?

Force generation model builds readiness over time 

Tuesday, October 11th

Family Forum 2 highlights military spouse employment 

Brigade partnership program could be key to retaining Army National Guard soldiers

Vermont, Macedonians surmount challenges in Afghan deployment 

On the Floor: Army looks to its own ‘smartphone’ 

Army looks to ‘early and continuing’ coordination to speed acquisition 

Senior warrant officers call upon comrades to make their presence known 

2011 Soldier of the Year and NCO of the year award winners honored 

Army to rely on single, integrated network 

Chief pledges to keep Army ‘force of decisive action’ in tight fiscal era 

Gerber unveils double-edged dagger 

Security cooperation programs are instrumental around the world 

Vice chief outlines concerns about PTSD, TBI 

Wednesday, October 12th

Army Under Secretary Joseph Westphal highlights DA civilians ‘unique partnership’ with soldiers

Panetta asks Army’s aid in determining how to meet future threats 

Top commander in Korea weighs continued threats in Northeast Asia 

JCS chairman: Active leadership needed in era of transition 

Family Forum 3: Grieving families need choices 

Army reforms leadership development programs

Study of bereavement in military families is under way 

On the Floor: German firm develops female body-army plates

Rola Tube

Army prepares for soldiers news lives at home, work

No new PT test – for now 

Crocker accepts Marshall Medal in memory of the fallen 

On the Floor: Presto, wham-o! Turning a tank into a pickup truck