Implementing Security Sector Reform Security Sector Reform Workshop Interim Report (4 December 2008) is Now Available Online 


Implementing Security Sector Reform: Security Sector Reform Workshop Interim Report (4 December 2008) captures the proceedings of a one-day Security Sector Reform (SSR) Workshop at CNA in Alexandria, Virginia, on 16 October 2008. The event, co-sponsored by CNA and PKSOI, closely followed publication of the new Army Field Manual (FM) 3-07, Stability Operations. The workshop focused on the implementation of Security Sector Reform (SSR) by the U.S. government stakeholders and their partners in the international community.

The workshop brought together key Security Sector Reform stakeholders from the U.S. interagency community, from the U.S. military (the Army generating force and fielded forces and the geographic combatant commands) and from key bilateral partner states. The panel discussions among these stakeholders identified existing gaps in SSR capacity and capability; explored a “way ahead” for interagency planning and management of a whole of government approach to the SSR component of stability operations; and derived “lessons learned” from past stability operations that can support the more effective implementation of SSR programs and activities.

The observations, conclusions, and recommendations detailed the Interim Workshop Report are interim in nature, as the report title implies. Comments on the report are welcome, and will be reviewed during a broader Governance Conference in the spring of 2009, to be jointly sponsored by CNA, PKSOI and the Association of the United States Army. You may send your comments directly to Tom Dempsey at or you may post your comments to the Consortium for Complex Operations (CCO) CNA-PKSOI Security Sector Reform Workshop Comments Member Discussion Group at the following address: