Headquarters: Arlington, VA


Phone: 703.418.1409


Founded in 1884, SCHOTT today is a recognized leader in specialized glass solutions. The international glass technology company generated $2.7B in 2012 and has 16,000 employees in over 43 countries.  

In the U.S., SCHOTT has been supplying the defense market for over 40 years. The company’s product range, ready to serve the defense and security industries, includes infrared materials, optical components and coatings, fiber optics, optical and filter glasses, glass and glass-ceramic for armor, and hermetic packages for protecting sensitive electronic components. SCHOTT’s glass technologies, materials, components and subsystems are making defense products more durable, lightweight, and effective while also extending lifetimes and lowering life cycle costs – key goals for the United States Army and other branches of the military. 

Major General (Ret.) Scott Custer, Air Force, is the President and CEO of SCHOTT Defense. SCHOTT’s expansion in the U.S. defense and security sector builds on the recent completion of the planned strategic separation between SCHOTT North America and its defense segment. This restructuring of SCHOTT Defense optimizes responsiveness to the most sensitive U.S. defense, intelligence and homeland security programs. With an R&D center and production sites in the U.S., SCHOTT is extremely well-positioned to serve the world’s largest defense market.  

To protect the Soldier, SCHOTT Defense has developed and delivered high-performance glass and glass-ceramic transparent armor for military vehicles, including the M-ATV. As military forces around the world strive to reduce logistics costs, improve vehicle maneuverability, and increase vehicle payloads, SCHOTT understands the weight of transparent armor has become increasingly crucial. In response, SCHOTT has developed new lighter and more durable RESISTAN® transparent armor windows to offer longer service life, while trimming weight. These new designs help to increase fuel economy and reduce the overall logistics footprint for armored vehicle fleets. In addition to saving weight, SCHOTT has also developed new, more durable armored window designs to meet the latest U.S. Department of Defense and industry specifications. 

SCHOTT’s lighting and imaging products enable the defense industry to develop military grade night vision, display and other technologies that are smaller, lighter and more effective. In addition, SCHOTT’s glass research and engineering expertise allows the company to develop custom-built military fiber optic solutions for new types of defense and security applications. Fiber optic technologies include image inverters for night vision systems, tapers and faceplates for Helmet Mounted Displays, focal plane array components for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and floating display faceplates that reduce light signatures of handheld and avionic displays.  

SCHOTT Defense recently expanded its reach into the covert communications sector by offering a free space optical (FSO) communications system, which is a covert technology that enables uninterrupted, secure communications from building-to-building, vehicle-to-vehicle, and tower-to-tower, particularly in radio frequency-denied environments or where cable-based, high-capacity fiber optic connections are unavailable. The Defense unit also introduced a datacom fiber, a glass optical fiber that offers ruggedized, high-bandwidth data transmission solutions for the military to address redundancy issues for critical applications, such as smart missiles, intra-vehicle communications, and soldier-worn data systems.  

SCHOTT Advanced Optics continues to innovate and offers the defense and homeland security industries traditional glass and optics as well as cutting edge materials, components and coatings to meet system performance and cost objectives. SCHOTT’s active and passive glasses are used in the most demanding laser and optics environments requiring high peak powers and precision operation. SCHOTT’s extensive line of infrared (IRG22 - IRG26) glasses in the SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR ranges are advancing to address the quality, redundancy, and weight issues that the U.S. military faces with current and next generation surveillance, night vision and display technologies. Also available in SCHOTT’s defense portfolio is the CONTURAN DARO® anti-reflective coating, a breakthrough anti-reflective, oleophobic coating with characteristics to repel fingerprints and water, and resist chemical and mechanical wear on the military’s touch-screen technology. 

Keeping the safety of the warfighter in the forefront, SCHOTT designs and develops hermetic packages for the protection of sensitive electronics for defense and security applications. Our hermetic packages, including hybrid packages, transistor outlines, thermal battery covers, ordnance components and other demanding feedthroughs are made of highly reliable glass-to-metal seals (GTMS) or ceramic-to-metal seals (CerTMS). These high quality packages provide reliable protection for sensitive electronics from harsh environmental conditions and minimize replacement costs. 

SCHOTT Defense will continue to place the safety and effectiveness of Soldiers first while reducing redundancy and minimizing life cycle costs for the defense community. Please visit SCHOTT Defense’s website at to learn more about the innovations and improvements being developed to better equip the warfighter and supply downstream contractors in the defense industry with more high-quality and high-value components, materials and technologies.