2013 Sustaining Members of the Month  



ESI Motion

Faster than a speeding bullet? Maybe. Like the man of steel, ESI Motion systems are made to withstand extreme heat, vibration, lightning strike, submersion, and the occasional explosion while running at breaking speeds.


Lewis Machine & Tool Company

Since 1980, Lewis Machine & Tool Company (LMT®) located in the Quad Cities Illinois/Iowa region, has engaged in manufacturing and engineering small arms, accessories, upgrades, and system integrations utilizing the most modern manufacturing equipment and techniques available.


Jankel Tactical Systems

The founder of Jankel, Robert Jankel, grew up with a passion for motor vehicles and engineering. At just age 16, he built his first car from spare parts and continued this hobby, building about one car a year. In the 1970s, Jankel opened his own company and began to build and armor luxury vehicles.


Hanz Extremity Wear

Hanz Extremity Wear is the American pioneer and manufacturer of breakthrough technical knit gloves and socks, including waterproof socks and gloves to be used in any wet condition without sacrificing comfort, durability or dexterity.


Breezer Holdings

Breezer Holdings, is a Florida based small business that designs and manufactures energy efficient cooling units, that actively support our Warfighters throughout CONUS and in Theater.