Jankel Tactical Systems 


CEO :                    Todd Littleton

Chairman :         Andrew Jankel      

Headquarters:  190 Parkway West, Suite 100,    

                                 Duncan, SC 29334

Website :           www.jankelts.com

Phone :               301-547-4084

The founder of Jankel, Robert Jankel, grew up with a passion for motor vehicles and engineering. At just age 16, he built his first car from spare parts and continued this hobby, building about one car a year. In the 1970s, Jankel opened his own company and began to build and armor luxury vehicles.

            Jankel’s manufacturing plant in Duncan, South Carolina

The Jankel Group continued to modify cars, building world class limousines and armoring cars for public figures. As Jankel’s knowledge of armoring techniques grew, he realized he was in the protection industry and the company has focused on specialized protection products ever since.  Today, his son Andrew continues in his footsteps as the chairman of Jankel.

The team at Jankel is focused, as they have been since the early days, on finding ways to protect people from threats.  For Andrew Jankel, this sums up the whole essence of the company.

“Protection is at the heart of everything we do. We take the importance of our work very seriously. Threat levels may have changed since my father’s day but what hasn’t changed is the importance of protecting those in dangerous places so they come home safely. That’s fundamental to the agencies who purchase equipment on their behalf and vital to the families and friends who wait for their loved ones to return home.”

Independently owned, Jankel enjoys a flexible and entrepreneurial approach to solving military and commercial protection obstacles, taking a long view and investing in groundbreaking technologies. Two of their most successful endeavors are the BLASTech line of energy attenuating seats and the hot-formed method of armoring.


            Jankel employees assemble a BLASTech seat at the Duncan, South Carolina facility.

Jankel developed energy attenuation technology to complement its armor solution for the SupaCat HMT-400.  This technology is now used in MRAP vehicles throughout the US Military. Despite all the armor and protective measures, protecting occupants from the effects of shock and blast is still a challenge as the threat levels increase.  With Jankel’s BLASTech seating, survivability at overmatch levels is improved by highly effective energy attenuation technology; sensing the weight of the occupant to efficiently absorb the impact of the initial blast as well as the secondary slam down of the vehicle. Occupants are protected from injuries by reducing the shock to the lower leg, neck and back; allowing the mission to continue.  Jankel seats are currently performing in MRAPs around the world.

Another technology Jankel uses to protect the warfighter is hot-formed armor (HFA).  Using over four decades of armor experience, Jankel takes an innovative approach to solve the inherent weaknesses of traditional vehicle armoring techniques.  A long-standing problem with traditional armor is large number of welded joints which create weak spots where the armor plates meet. Usually, more armor is added near these joints to compensate, resulting in heavy armor and many man hours of labor.

Jankel noticed that small pieces of vehicle armor were being molded into shapes while they were still hot, but that this method had not been used to armor an entire vehicle.  Jankel realized that by using this technique and forming larger plates for the top, bottom, and sides of the vehicle, the number of welded joints could be greatly reduced, with them the inherent vulnerability and weight. In 2008 Jankel approached Benteler Defense with this idea and with this ingenuity created a new approach to armoring vehicles, leaving behind 100 years of traditional automotive armoring techniques.

Jankel’s experience in the automotive and armor industry gives them insight into the threats the Armed Forces face in theater. Jankel’s J8 line of vehicles developed from the Jeep platform have been modified and adapted as a light-weight solution for a variety of uses. The J8 can be a light tactical vehicle, discreet or overtly armored, while offering high mobility at a cost effective operating price.

Jankel is growing rapidly to meet industry demand. In 2008, they opened a plant in South Carolina to meet the demand for their BLASTech line of seats. In March of 2012, Jankel expanded to a second location in the Washington, D.C. metro area and in December 2012 Jankel expanded to 100,000 square feet in the South Carolina plant, from which they will be able to up-armor and modify vehicles using Hot-Formed, traditional, and cold-formed (bent) armoring methods to best meet the needs of various customer requirements.  

Jankel’s offices and manufacturing plant in Duncan, South Carolina.

Renowned worldwide for their creative solutions to military protection issues, Jankel’s flexibility allows for easy adaptation to ever-changing military requirements.  Jankel will be attending the AUSA trade show at booth #733 in October 2013.