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CAMSS Shelters manufacturers complete shelter systems for the United States Army.  As one of the leading providers and innovators of highly efficient shelter systems, CAMSS continues to bring new technology to the assist the warfighter.  From the quick erect CAMSS20TAC Shelter System to deployable hangars, CAMSS meets a wide range of shelter needs for the United States Army.

CAMSS Shelters offers a wide variety of lightweight shelter solutions that exceed requirements for speed of set up, strength, ruggedness, compactness and ease of use.    The CAMSS20TAC system has taken all of these attributes to produce the quickest shelter system for deployed operations for the US Army.

The CAMSS20TAC Shelter is 20’ wide and available in three lengths, 13’, 20’ and 32’.  The CAMSS20TAC series includes a one-piece frame system and one-piece cover in order to make it the fastest shelter to set up and compact for deployments.  The lightweight shelter is easy to handle and quick to deploy to allow the warfighter to concentrate on their mission at hand.


The CAMSS20TAC complexes together easily to form a TOC or Command Post

The CAMSS20TAC was tested by government lab to prove it was ready to meet the demands of the warfighter.  The testing included a snow load test of over 10 pounds per square foot, a wind load test of 55 mph with gusts of 65mph, a driving rain test and extreme temperature testing from -25 F to 125 degrees Fahrenheit.  Blackout testing showed the CAMSS20TAC met all blackout requirements with the naked eye as well as with night vision goggles.  Finally, a durability and timed set up test was performed.  This testing took one CAMSS20TAC shelter system and performed 50 strike/erect cycles  The best time the team obtained was 3 minutes and 17 seconds.


The CAMSS Thermacam® system reduces the solar load on the CAMSS20TAC reducing the energy demand by over 40%.

Fittingly, the detailed development and extensive testing of the CAMSS20TAC shows what type of company CAMSS Shelter has been for nearly thirty years.  The CAMSS personnel are keenly aware that good shelters help create healthy and efficient soldiers.  The entire company, from the research and development and engineering departments to the manufacturing and sales team invests a significant amount of time and effort into making the working with CAMSS a positive experience for the user. 

For three decades, CAMSS has continued to evolve to meet the ever changing needs and demands of the military and commercial customer.  Over the last few years the focus moved to improving energy efficiencies for deployed shelter systems and complete camp facilities including solar reducing shade structures, efficient environmental control units, and new low cube insulation designs.  These products under government testing show a reduction in energy demand of over 40%.  This savings when deployed to the field significantly reduces the fuel useage saving the military money and keeping our warfighter safer.

Over the years our customers have called on CAMSS to provide equipment beyond just the shelter system.   They have seen our attention to detail and innovative development with shelters and requested that same service be applied to many other areas required in the field.  This includes lightweight efficient environmental control units, smart grid power systems, and both hard and soft solar panels that are incorporated with our shelters. 

In addition to these specific items, CAMSS has also worked with the US Army in developing the new electric kitchen system to create the more efficient CAMSS Kitchen Shelter System.  This new system will allow the Army to operate a complete 1100 person kitchen using less energy and creating a more environmentally friendly and safer area for the Army chefs.

CAMSS Shelters strives to continue to evolve and provide new and innovative products for the Army every day and will work on that mission for another three decades.

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