Logo Mat Central 



President and CEO:    Michael Becker

Headquarters:              216 Little Falls Road, Units 13 & 14

                                           Cedar Grove, NJ 07009 

Website:                        www.logomatcentral.com

Point of contact:          Rick Talbott, PE, AVP

Phone:                             877-237-2770

            With a combined emphasis on unsurpassed customer service, an e-commerce website that is both user-friendly and enormously comprehensive, a product line devoted to aesthetics, safety and environmental responsibility, and a seemingly infinite selection, Logo Mat Central has carved out a successful niche in indoor- outdoor mats and rugs for governmental, commercial and industrial clients.

            The company, founded in 2002 by Michael Becker, puts an emphasis on mats and rugs that can be customized with names, sayings, graphics or logos using the most modern imaging processes, including a high-tech laser-cut process or the Chromajet process, to provide incredibly vibrant and powerful visuals. The company philosophy is based on the fact that custom logos and messaging on mats and rugs provide one of the quickest, most decisive and most cost-effective ways leave a positive first and last impression on VIPs, visitors and clients. What’s more, flattering and impressive logo mats has proven to promote morale, which has been evident at many of the bases where Logo Mat Central has delivered customized product.  

            Because there are few boundaries in where its products can and should be used, Logo Mat Central’s client base is as broad if not broader than that of larger companies with multiple product lines: theirs include military installations, property managers at industrial plants and office buildings, contractors, interior designers, event planners, hotels, resorts, casinos, spas, schools and universities, police and fire departments, sporting arenas, hospitals, supermarkets, restaurants, banks, places of worship and much more. Recently, Logo Mat Central has provided anti-fatigue traction matting to the riggers at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

            Logo Mat Central is exclusively an e-commerce operation, which allows Becker to devote all his time and energy toward developing networks and maximizing the effectiveness of his personalized approach to customer service. Within weeks of beginning his 24/7 e-commerce organization, Becker won a Government Services Administration (GSA) contract, which pre-approves the company to supply products to the U.S. Armed Forces, government agencies on the national, state and local levels, and all public and private institutions. Since that time, through diligent research and smart marketing, Logo Mat Central has become the leading supplier of custom logo mats for all branches of the military and the United States government. In fact, military clients attest that the laser-cut logos on mats at Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine and Coast Guard bases are so vibrant that they invariably leave an impression that is noticeably stronger than before. And that’s exactly the way the military likes it. 


            With so many mats and rugs from which to select, it is no surprise that there is an equally wide variety of options and functionalities on all the different kinds of mats and rugs that are available from Logo Mat Central—and when their intuitive website is combined with the knowledge of their reps, the site has a way of telling the story so succinctly and confidently that the first glance is also the most educational.

            Among the multitude of products, features and functionalities from Logo Mat Central are:

  •          Custom-made logo mats, such as Tough Top, Spectrum and Frontline
  •          Indoor/outdoor entry mats, such as Floorguard and OmniTrac
  •          Office mats and large hall runners, such as Carpet Mat Pro and Carpet Mat Classic
  •          Industrial work safety mats, such as Blacktop Runner Matting
  •          Electro-static dissipative matting from our SafetyVolt & Airlift Series
  •          An important new addition to their comprehensive line of mats are precision inlaid vinyl link logo mat with              visual distortion as found in typical vinyl link mats.
  •          Grease-proof kitchen drainage mats, such as Safety Chef and TripleFlex
  •          Mats with OSHA-approved safety borders
  •          Mats featuring properties for noise reduction, skid-and-slip resistance, welding safety, stain reistance,                 durability, and oil and chemical resistance.

... and much more

            Every Logo Mat Central item is individually screened before shipment for defects. The company offers free shipping to the continental U.S., fills bulk orders and accepts corporate accounts. They use the largest and most experienced e-commerce subcontractor, and underscore their use of the safest technology and privacy-protection programs to keep personal information of customers secure; Logo Mat Central uses industry-standard SSL encryption to transmit credit card information securely—the same technology used by a majority of fortune 500 companies and most global businesses. In addition, to protect customers they never disclose sales data, and do not sell or rent personal information.


            Several years ago, after noticing a lack of customer service and a limited selection at any one retail or wholesale establishment, Becker founded Logo Mat Central following an earlier career in high-end fashion—an evolution he describes as ‘couture to coir.’ Today, any military, governmental, commercial, industrial or residential client needing a mat or rug for identity, safety, aesthetics or any other purpose—from foreign and domestic bases to five-star hotels—can find just what they are looking for at Logo Mat Central, and a company rep will always be available to help. What’s more, it will often be Becker himself. To him, success means that coir is providing much more personal and professional satisfaction than couture ever did.