Breezer Holdings 


Headquarters:            Breezer Holdings
                                          550 SW 12th Ave – Suite 550
                                          Deerfield Beach, FL 33442


Phone:                           (954) 418-3707


Breezer Holdings, is a Florida based small business that designs and manufactures energy efficient cooling units, that actively support our Warfighters throughout CONUS and in Theater.

After being stationed in the Middle East, Breezer Holdings’ development team began working on a solution to deal with the blistering heat. What they came up with was Power Breezer, a mobile cooling unit that is energy efficient, durable and easy to set up and break down at a moment’s notice.  Built to military standards (MIL-STD 810G), the patent pending Power Breezer is extremely well designed to ensure maximum cooling and effectiveness with minimal energy needs.

Heat risk and personnel safety are the concerns of every leader. The compact, strong, and easy to assemble Power Breezer addresses these issues by quietly cooling over 3000sf by up to 27 degrees. It has been specially designed to cool outdoor or partially covered spaces without getting people, weaponry, or equipment wet. Consuming less power than a hair dryer, utilizing no chemicals, this Made in the USA product proudly supports the US Armed Forces.


Mobility and Ruggedness

Designed to be mobile with the military in mind, the Power Breezer stands at 43” when stored within its own reservoir for transport. It has hand grips for easy setup and breakdown to ensure safe usage.


Increase training throughput

Deployment for Change of Command Ceremonies, MWR events, ranges, and for PT  have all shown to benefit soldiers by keeping them cool and lessening the chance of heat injury.


With over 10 years of outdoor cooling experience, Power Breezer keeps our service men and women safe. Power Breezer is made in the USA and proudly supports the US Armed Forces. 954-418-3707

Health and Safety

The 100 gallon reservoir last up to 5 days adds and instantly lowers the temperature up to 27 degrees, which will lower core body temperature, and reduce heat exhaustion and heat stroke injuries.


Increased Efficiency

With the ability to cool an area up to 3,000 feet with its oscillating head, the Power Breezer is ideal for ECPs, motor pools, maintenance areas, hangars, flight lines, and training areas.