Optex Systems 




Corporate Structure:            Publicly Traded
Chief Executive Officer:     Danny Schoening
Location:                                   1420 Presidential Drive

                                                      Richardson TX, 75081
Website:                                   www.optexsys.com
Phone:                                        972.764.5700

Optex Systems, Inc. is a leader in enhanced sighting systems for military forces, both ground and sea.  Optex specializes in optical and mechanical assemblies, focused primarily on military applications for combat vehicles and artillery weapons systems. Optex, founded in 1987, has established itself as the integral supplier of sighting systems for multiple armored vehicle platforms (Abrams, Stryker, Bradley), fire control systems (howitzer), day/thermal vision sights (Armored Security Vehicle (ASV), Light Armored Vehicle (LAV), and night vision individual soldier weapon scopes.

Optex Systems headquarters and main facility in Richardson, TX

Located in Richardson, Texas, Optex is a veteran-owned, small business, ISO9001 certified, and meets or exceeds all standards expected by our government and industry customers.  We are there, whether it be material procurement, production control and flow, the design process, final product testing, or end delivery and installation,” says Danny Schoening, Chief Executive Officer. 

Danny Schoening, Chief Executive Officer, Optex Systems, Inc.

Vehicle Sights

Optex’s state-of-the-art vehicle sighting systems are designed to work in various operating environments experienced by today’s soldiers.  The DDAN/M36 Sight allows soldiers safer and more efficient field performance with easy-to-use digital displays and optical laser protection. The M36E3 combines day and night sights into one smaller device that smoothly adjusts to any change in lighting.  In the event of an electronic fire control failure on the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, Optex also supplies Back Up Sights that provide a firing alternative to keep soldiers safe in the absence of vehicle power.

Optex produces Muzzle Reference Sensors that allow for consistent accuracy during repeated fire by calibrating the tank barrel to the sighting system. These sensors are used in the Abrams A1/A2, Korean K1 and the Stryker main gun systems. In addition, Optex produces thousands of glass and acrylic periscopes each month, both with and without laser protection.

Howitzer Products

Optex has produced and delivered battle-tested aiming circles, mounts and panoramic telescopes built with the highest standards in mind. These complex products require unique manufacturing expertise and precision in an environment with the most strenuous of drawing requirements and technical specifications. 

Naval Sights

Optex “Big Eye” 20x120mm ship binoculars are built with the highest quality for installation on board most naval ships.  Today, these binoculars play an important role in the interdiction of naval vessels possibly participating in acts of piracy in the critical shipping lanes near Malaysia and the Arabian seas.

The Digital Day and Night M-36 sight

Weapon Sights

Optex developed a day/night sight that offers a two-in-one solution, allowing for a seamless sighting transition for crews in armored vehicles 24/7. Optex currently services the Amphibious Assault Vehicle, Armored Security Vehicle, personal weapon sights and crew served weapon sights.

Engineering capabilities

“Optex is a unique blend of precision products and experienced personnel in a flexible, fast-acting defense manufacturer,” summarizes Schoening.  “Optex's technical staff consists of a variety of individuals who have years and a wealth of experience in assembling, testing, and inspecting laser protection components and systems. The knowledge base contained within this technical staff comes not only from the engineering function but also from functions such as quality control, assembly and manufacturing, and management positions.”  Deliberately structured to expand in times of national need, Optex Systems is primarily a cost-effective, quality driven, value-added, small business partner to the enhanced vision requirements of the warfighter. . . . today and tomorrow.