Hanz Extremity Wear 



Website:                     www.hanzUSA.com
Address:                     1020 Hamilton Road, Duarte, CA 91010
Phone:                         800-868-2629           
E-mail:                        contact@hanzUSA.com
Founder and CEO:       Cole Williams
Founded:                     1970

Waterproof Socks and Gloves

Hanz Extremity Wear is the American pioneer and manufacturer of breakthrough technical knit gloves and socks, including waterproof socks and gloves to be used in any wet condition without sacrificing comfort, durability or dexterity. Twenty years ago, our founder, Cole Williams originated the stretching, close-fitting, breathable, truly waterproof sock. Since that time, Hanz Extremity Wear has been producing a range of exceptional technical socks and gloves for the military, outdoor and workwear markets.

Combined with highly ventilated boots and  liner socks of various properties, from insulative to wicking, Hanz Waterproof Socks complete a compact yet widely adaptable footwear system.  This approach maximizes breathability while providing protection from water as needed. 

Hanz® Waterproof socks and gloves have a patented fabric structure of three highly engineered layers including a membrane capable of allowing perspiration to escape while not allowing water to penetrate.

Flame Resistant Gloves

In 2004, Hanz Extremity Wear developed the first glove in its Hanz® Flame Resistant line, a knit flame resistant glove of a specially-spun Nomex® and Lycra® yarn which provides tremendous stretch and return in addition to its no-melt, no-drip and flame resistant properties.  Initially provided to the United States Marine Corps.  the Hanz® Flame Resistant Glove was included  as the glove liner for the Army’s Fire Resistant Environmental Ensemble - FREE® - in 2008.  These gloves are durable and comfortable and have microdots on the palm side for exceptional grip, dexterity and tactility. Hanz® Flame Resistant Gloves can be worn as a liner beneath a shell glove, or independently. 

Designed to meet the needs of United States Military personnel, Hanz® Flame Resistant gloves are made of custom-spun yarns of Nomex® flame resistant fiber for flame resistance and 2% Lycra® spandex for a snug, comfortable fit.

Quality American Manufacturing

Hanz Extremity Wear is committed to designing and manufacturing 100% of our products in the USA, while other manufacturers of waterproof socks and gloves have chosen to offshore their design and manufacturing.  As an American manufacturer supplying the United States Army and other U.S. military services, Hanz Extremity Wear maintains the highest commitment to quality management.  In 1998 Hanz Extremity Wear was first awarded ISO 9000 registration. In September of 2001 Hanz Extremity Wear upgraded the status of its quality system and became one of the few apparel companies to achieve ISO 9001:2000 registration. Hanz Extremity Wear consistently operates it manufacturing facilities in accordance with internationally recognized quality system standards and maintains ongoing efforts to measure and continously improve the performance of its products and processes.  Before leaving our California manufacturing facility, each Hanz® Waterproof product is tested to ensure it does not leak and every Hanz® product is visually inspected before packaging.  Furthermore, the SATRA Footwear Technology Center, the world's foremost research center for the footwear industry recommends Hanz® Waterproof for any activity including the "Heavy Duty/Specialist" category--their highest level of test performance.

With manufacturing and offices in Duarte, California, and headquarters near Seattle, Washington, Hanz Extremity Wear is a qualified small business and  is ISO9001 certified.  Hanz Extremity Wear is a trade name of Danalco, Inc.  Prior to 2013, Hanz Extremity Wear sold its waterproof products using the name “SealSkinz.”