Tactical Environmental Systems, Inc. 


Founded 2006 (still owned by original founders)
Point of Contact:
Dillard Pegg
Address:1156 US Hwy 50, Milford, OH 45150
Phone: (513) 831-2663
Fax: (513) 831-2675
Email: Info@tacticalsys.com
Web Address: www.tacticalsys.com

Tactical Environmental Systems, Inc. (TES) was founded in 2006 by seasoned individuals with extensive experience in the defense industry and as a result TES has grown exponentially. Now, just over six years later TES employees are providing/maintaining vital systems and supporting the war fighter on three continents. The company is working on several energy and logistical efficiency initiatives in conjunction with various branches, utilizing our soldiers’ lessons learned over a decade of warfare in harsh environments.


TES Corporate Headquarters


             ECU with an onboard Generator 

The War on Cost

The Army has long understood the value of efficiency, especially as it relates to their logistical operations.  Until recently, however, no one had thought about the efficiency of the equipment we now bring with us to conflict zones.  Life-cycle cost factors like fuel efficiency, weight, and cubic dimension are among the deciding factors in today’s contract awards for ECUs.  TES is showing the fruits of more than two years of engineering, design, and testing at a USMC event held at Camp Pendleton in September, where representatives from all four services will be on hand to view the latest in warfighter technology.

Program Management/Global Logistics and Support

TES currently supports contracts both domestically and internationally, including supply and maintenance operations in Germany, Israel, Qatar, Japan, and South Korea.  With experience that encompasses programs like NASA, U.S. Department of Energy, ballistic missile defense, unmanned aerial vehicles, Special Operations Command, and expeditionary solutions for all four branches of the Department of Defense, TES has the flexibility and versatility to not only deliver systems, but support them as needed around the globe.

Testing and Services

Tactical Environmental Systems has experience in qualification test programs, reliability and maintainability analyses, and military documentation and design studies. Quality ISO 9001 2008 processes are a company standard used on all projects.

  • ASHRAE or Mil-standard Testing
  • FMEA
  • Thermal analyses
  • Reliability Analyses
  • Auto-cad drawings
  • 3-D modeling
  • Spare parts provider
  • Customer on-site service and support

TES Programs

  • BMDS
  • UAVs                  
  • JLENS                           

Company Perspective

TES is proud to provide the finest products and services it can offer to our armed services and service members.  Understanding the sacrifices made on its behalf, the company believes that there is value in doing it right every time because it realizes that the smallest margins can dictate mission success or failure.  Partnered with both DoD personnel and like-minded defense companies, TES hopes to continue providing reliable, engineered products for our soldiers’ operations around the world.