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Founded in 1892, Thales has become a global technology leader for the Defense, Security, Aerospace and Transport markets. The company generated revenues of $18.2 billion in 2011 and has 67,000 employees in over 56 countries. Thales has an extensive international footprint, with global operations working closely with customers and local partners.  Dual civil and military capabilities comprise the company’s balanced portfolio. With 22,500 engineers and researchers, Thales has a unique capability to design, develop and deploy equipment, systems and services that meet the most complex security requirements for critical missions. The company is led by Mr. Luc Vigneron, Chairman and CEO.  Mr. Allan Cameron is the President and CEO of Thales USA. Thales USA has expanded its operation in recent years to focus on a wider range of core customer and market segments. Based in Arlington, VA, Thales USA has over 2,900 US employees (including joint ventures.)

In the area of national defense, Thales provides products and services for all branches of the U.S. military. From tactical communications to combat management systems for ships, to integrated air defense systems, Thales provides the essentials to keep our world safe. The company is dedicated to providing transformational technologies that protect our well-being, enhance our safety and open doors to new solutions for issues facing the globe every day.

Supporting the Warfighter, Thales understands the realities of applying advanced technologies to the dismounted close combat domain, including the need to fully address key human factors - simplicity, fight ability, power and weight. Thales equips soldiers with critical technologies, products, integrated subsystems and solutions for capability enhancements. The enhancements provide greater linkage within the C2 chain and improved communications, protection, detection, recognition, identification, designation and engagement of targets via lethal and non lethal means.

Thales has developed a range of communications and optronics solutions for soldier systems such as the AN/PRC-148 JTRS Enhanced MBITR (JEM), which is the smallest, lightest, and most widely fielded tactical, handheld radio. Thales also produces the Rifleman Radio, which is a low-cost radio with embedded encryption and GPS that extends the network to the individual dismounted soldier. In the area of optronics, the company’s Sophie family of target location thermal imagers includes Sophie XF and Sophie UF. The TYR laser designator stacked with the Sophie XF helps show real time target location designation capability. MINIE-D, a low-profile night vision goggle technology with the ability to import imagery from an outside source, is another recent addition to the Thales portfolio.

The AN/PRC-154 Rifleman Radio extends the network to individual dismounted soldiers.

Thales has significant capability within the area of C4ISR system integration (command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) and affords numerous vehicle support solutions. The company offers a range of vehicle optronics including laser components such as MELT, CELT and Eye Safe Laser Day Elbow as well as the next generation of thermal imager, Catherine MP (Mega-Pixel).  Vehicle communications systems include the SOTAS digital intercom system, which was developed for use in armored and utility vehicles and enables clear communication between crew members inside a vehicle as well as externally over combat net radios and field cables.


The Sophie UF2 is a lightweight, multifunction surveillance and target locator.

The TopOwl® Helmet Mounted Sight and Display offers flight crews unprecedented capabilities on tactical operations and possible engagements conducted night or day. It is based on a unique concept incorporating a night vision system with a 100% overlapped projection of a binocular image on the visor. Standard symbology is used to display flight and weapon management data, helping to reduce crew workload. TopOwl's head position sensor, used during target designation and weapon firing sequences, enhances operational effectiveness. The product is currently in full-scale production and Thales has delivered more than 400 systems to both US and International customers. TopOwl has been selected by 15 nations and more than 1500 will be delivered over the next 10 years.

Thales is a leading provider of advanced and innovative simulation solutions in small arms and tactical training. The SAGITTARIUS product line is an advanced, high fidelity training system with a modular design that enables mission-tailored, flexible and pro-active training at all levels for military, security forces and law enforcement. Adaptable scenarios range from highly effective basic training up to a combination of advanced and specified modules, which may lead into a multi-level training environment with other networked simulation modules and systems.



The SAGITTARIUS GE IDZ is a high fidelity, small arms training system currently supporting the German Infantryman of the Future program.

Thales ranks among the top five companies worldwide in the supply of communication, navigation, and identification capabilities for the airborne domain. The company offers an extensive range of high-performance products that are currently on board more than 70 different types of aircraft. The products include weapons, EO/IR, Electronic Warfare, Communications, Navigation and Identification systems.

Many Thales offerings are applicable for use on unmanned aerial vehicles such as the I-Master radar and the Lightweight Multi-role Missile. Additional UAV applicable technology includes communications such as the Multichannel Multiband Airborne Radio (MMAR), which leverages AN/PRC-148 JEM technology for airborne VHF/UHF communications/relay payload applications, and the TSC 1430 miniature and lightweight Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) transponder.