LWRC International 


Corporate Structure:  LWRC International 

President and CEO:  Dick Bernstein

Location:  Cambridge, MD

Website:  www.lwrci.com

Phone:  410-901-1348


LWRC International™, LLC was founded to pursue the development of a short-stroke gas-piston operated version of the AR15/M16/M4 family of weapons.  Our research and development activities have focused on eliminating the inherent shortcomings in the direct impingement operating system.  These efforts have resulted in our family of M6™ short-stroke, gas-piston operated rifles and carbines, which improve on the direct impingement system by operating cleaner, quieter, and with greater accuracy - and they do so with greater reliability and longer service life.


Dick Bernstein -President and CEO of LWRC International

Based in Cambridge, Maryland, LWRC International currently has about 100 employees. The original company was founded in 1998 and was primarily focused on R&D of the gas piston operating system. In early 2008 the company went through a change in ownership and was moved from its location in Arlington, Virginia, to its current home in Cambridge, Maryland. Starting in 2008 with fewer than ten employees, Dick Bernstein, the president and CEO of LWRCI, began to take the proven design and move it into full scale production.  Continued innovation has resulted from extensive testing and from listening to the feedback from members of the Special Operations and Law Enforcement communities that are running our rifles. Our engineering team is second to none and has developed smart solutions to seemingly complex issues.

Today the company has secured large contracts with both the U.S. and foreign governments. Our products are known for their reliability on the battlefield and longevity of service.  Our mission at LWRCI™ is to provide absolutely reliable, consistently accurate, and extremely durable tools for the warfighter and law enforcement officer.   Through innovative design, disciplined engineering, and the use of state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and materials technologies, our products are built to exceed the requirements and expectations of our end users.

Our latest products include:

IC – Individual Carbine

Individual Carbine - Rifle developed for the U.S. ARMY Trials

LWRCI’s new Individual Carbine was developed in response to the requirements of the U.S. ARMY’s Individual Carbine program. It features some radical new features while maintaining the same basic M4/AR15/M16 architecture.

The new IC and its coming variants will feature our new fully ambidextrous lower receiver. Dual controls for bolt catch/release, magazine release, and fire control mean that right and left handed shooters can use the rifle to its full effectiveness. It also means that when the shooter transitions to their offhand side due to barriers or injury, they can effectively manipulate the controls without having to switch hands. This new lower is compatible with all legacy AR15 pattern upper receivers.

The upper of the new IC is a further evolution of the M6A2-SPR platform introduced in 2011. It features a 2-position gas block, user configurable rail system, and a revolutionary new upper receiver that has the mounting base for the handguard machined as part of the upper receiver for added strength and reduced weight. The 2-position gas block has settings for Normal and Suppressed fire.


UCIW – Ultra Compact Individual Weapon

UCIW - Ultra Compact Individual Weapon – Proprietary Platform in 6.8 SPC

The LWRC International UCIW is a gas-piston operated, rotary bolt, magazine fed, air-cooled, self-loading rifle chambered in 6.8x43mm SPC based on the Stoner AR-15 architecture. The rifle is fully ambidextrous and equally suited to right or left handed operators.

The 6.8x43mm SPC cartridge was designed to address the deficiencies of the terminal performance of the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge currently in service with the U.S. Armed Forces. The cartridge is the result of the Enhanced Rifle Cartridge program in which U.S. Special Operations soldiers, as well as armorers and other technicians from the United States Army Marksmanship Unit, played a major role.

In tests, it was determined that a 6.5mm projectile had the best accuracy, but a 7mm projectile had the best terminal performance. Further tests showed that a 6.8mm projectile was the best compromise between the two, providing accuracy, reliability and terminal performance up to 500 meters. The combination of the cartridge case, powder load, and projectile easily outperformed the 7.62x39mm Soviet cartridge.

Since its development, the cartridge has gained even more in the performance arena. Newer faster burning powders and better bullet designs have combined to create the most modern and deadly small arms cartridge on the battlefield. Combine this cartridge with a weapon platform that is smaller than an H&K MP5 submachine gun in 9mm, and you have the ultimate Personal Security Detail weapon. It is equally capable from 10 meters out to 500 meters. It is capable of penetrating intermediate barriers such as car doors or automobile glass with little deflection. With the proper ammunition, it is capable of penetrating 0.5 cm thick armor plate at 100 meters. There has never been a cartridge and weapon system as advanced as the LWRC International M6-UCIW in the 6.8x43mm SPC round.