Streit USA Armoring 


Streit Logo

President              :   Eric Carlson

Address                  :  8449 Palmetto Commerce  Parkway         

                                     North Charleston, SC 29456

Phone                      : (843) 797-2856

Fax                             : (843) 797-2857

Point of contact    : Paul Welborn

Streit USA Armoring, established in July 2007 by Eric Carlson and a business partner, is a leading U.S. manufacturer of armored vehicles for military, law enforcement and commercial customers.  Strategically located in North Charleston, SC, the manufacturing facility and sales center is dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of armored vehicles for use in the United States and around the world.

Streit USA Armoring selected South Carolina as the location for its U.S. operations because of the area’s manufacturing infrastructure, skilled workforce, and proximity to the world class shipping port of Charleston. Our original production facility is 31,500 square feet where we produce armored vehicles in an assembly line process allowing us to manufacture standard and special vehicles at a rate of 20 per month during normal 8 hr/5 day production shifts.  Construction has started on a new 75,000 square feet facility with an anticipated completion date of August 2012.  This new facility will increase production capabilities from two production lines to seven production lines which will allow production of up to 70 vehicles a month.  As part of the new strategy, Streit USA Armoring has invested in new design/engineering/manufacturing capabilities complete with advanced CNC equipment, such as the Trumpf laser cutter, CNC press brake, heavy duty overhead cranes, plasma cutter and 3D scanners.

Streit USA builds vehicles to industry leading standards and is a showcase of production efficiency. Implementing Lean Manufacturing/Six Sigma Principles, the company produces its ballistic and blast resistant vehicles in an assembly line process.  Quality is built into every step as vehicles pass from operation to operation until completed. Focusing on the quick and uninterrupted flow of products and materials enables Streit USA Armoring to provide the right product at the right time for a competitive price – even for custom armoring needs. Furthermore like all first class armored vehicles, Streit USA Armoring vehicles fully resemble the street versions of the original OEM vehicle - down to the minute details of the decorative trim. Dedicated to quality and innovation, the manufacturing plant is also home to leading edge support capabilities for machining, testing, quality control and customer service.

Streit USA Armoring is a very innovative and quality conscious armored vehicle manufacturer. Whether your requirements are for Commercial Personal Protection vehicles, heavy duty Armored Personnel Carriers, low profile troop transport vehicles, or Law Enforcement SWAT vehicles– we are able to offer you a vehicle that meets your expectations. Our pricing, quality standards, delivery times and client service have already made Streit the primary supplier to some of the most demanding clients and government agencies. Streit USA has earned a reputation for consistent manufacturing of top quality vehicles.

Engineering Analysis

Streit USA engineers use only proven methods and technologies to design and manufacture our world class armored vehicles; 3D CAD Modeling and Finite Element Analysis on individual components and system assemblies, Research, Develop and Design Ballistic Armoring to best defeat threats by using our 4 basic survivability principals: Absorb, Avoid, Deflect and Feedback Intelligence.  Fabrications of custom fit ballistic panels are precision cut in house by our Trumpf Laser and CNC break machines.  Overlapping, spacing and joint minimization design further increases survivability.  Upgraded heavy duty suspensions, braking and OEM reinforcements are made based on our engineering calculations and survivability principals.  Vehicle mission, payload, destination, transportation and theater use is also defined within our engineering process.

SWAT Vehicle

The latest addition to the Streit inventory is a specially designed armored SWAT vehicle capable of carrying 12 fully equipped SWAT team members.  This vehicle manufactured exclusively by Streit USA Armoring provides a new approach to SWAT operations.  Working with the Charleston, SC Police Department SWAT Team, SUSA designed and manufactured a Sprinter Cargo Van to NIJ III/CEN B6 International Ballistic Armor standards.


Physical and Informational Security

Streit USA Armoring facilities physical security consists of a fenced compound with high visibility lighting completely surrounding the buildings and internal parking (secured) areas.  Selective locations throughout the compound are under constant video monitoring that can be viewed live as well as backed up for future viewing.  The main building is armed with an intrusion alarm monitored 24/7.

Information determined to be sensitive, or any other documents that require security, is maintained in locked safes with limited access by management and appropriate personnel.

Computer systems are on secure systems with password access granted only to authorized personnel.  All systems are firewall protected and no employee is allowed to penetrate the firewall from off campus.  Files are completely backed up and physically removed from the facility on a regular basis for added protection.

For additional information on any of the above or help in designing vehicles for special needs application please contact Paul Welborn at 843.566.988 or