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RUD – A Strong Brand over Many Years

RUD Chain, Inc., a subsidiary of RUD Ketten Rieger & Dietz GmbH u. Co. KG (corporate headquarters) has been providing its customers with longstanding partnerships in North America since 1980. Founded in 1875, RUD has been manufacturing high-quality chains and chain products for more than 135 years in its state-of-the-art production facility located in Aalen, Germany. The RUD facility is regarded as one of the most modern chain producing facilities in the world. The RUD Company is world renowned for its expertise in heat treatment methods - delivering high performance chain products to suit even the most demanding military and industrial applications.

RUD specializes in providing highly-engineered solutions for standard and special applications for load securing systems, lifting equipment, non-skid chains and technical and logistics support by land, air and sea. RUD products are used in a number of military applications world-wide, which include: snow chains, shoe chains, traction chains, tire protection chains, mining connectors, flight bars, sprocket and pocket wheels,  spreader bars, lifting & lashing points, VIP and grade 100 sling chain systems and new grade 120 ICE sling chain.

RUD’s ongoing commitment to meet the needs of its customers and their ambition to lead the industry in technical innovation, has earned the company a global reputation as a leading manufacturer of high quality round steel link chains and associated components.  The company’s stringent and unique testing procedures ensure that they deliver the highest quality of chain products available to the market. RUD’s commitment to produce high quality and safety conscience products makes it the ideal company to help meet the rigorous needs of the U.S Military. 


RUD Products include:

Lashing and Lifting Systems:

To maximize safety without compromising strength, RUD lashing, lifting, and tie down chain systems deliver 260 different types of tested lifting points; 200 are for bolting and 60 for welding. RUD Chain, Inc. was the first chain manufacturer to achieve certification “H1” for our grade 80 products and reach ISO 9001 approval. RUD currently sells these products as components to lifting devices and lashing systems in various industrial and military applications around the world.

Hoist Chain:

Precision made round steel link chains for manual and electric hoisting applications; we are a worldwide supplier of hoist chain for different hoist manufacturers with highly wear resistant round steel chains

Tire Protection Chains:

Erlau, the inventor of tire protection chains, has been a member of the RUD group since 1828. Erlau offers a comprehensive range of chain designs and tailors them to provide the best protection for each specific application in the slag industry, quarries, mining, or any situation where tough (hot) conditions or jagged rock can damage tires.

Many of the designs in common use today were first developed and patented by RUD-Erlau. Today the company has sales representatives and distributors in over 120 countries, and over 500 patents globally, which document RUD's leadership in the industry and innovative approach.


RUD® Supergreifsteg Tire Chains

Traction and Snow Chains:

RUD manufactures a variety of snow/ice and traction chains. RUD's top-of-the-range conventional snow chains meet the highest demands for traction. Made of high-quality alloy steel, RUD tire chains are easy to mount. RUD tire chains have a chain mesh design for maximum traction, smooth running performance and tire protection.

Other RUD Products Include:

Conveyor and Mining Components:

RUD Offers high-quality conveyor chains for cargo and bulk material in the form of round steel link chains, central chains and components, and modular system attachments. The RUD system is carefully designed for the most effective combination of chains, drive wheels, flight bars and connectors to achieve maximum service life.

Rotogrip Automatic Snow Chains:

RUD manufactures high-quality traction chains with highly innovative fitting systems for safe driving on snow and icy roads. The ROTOGRIP®, RUD’s Automatic Snow Chain System features the proven universal mounting system; the patented design of the chain wheels allows for the installation on either side in your choice of 6, 8, 10 or 18 strand wheels.  Designed for a wide range of vehicles and suspensions the ROTOGRIP® system is easy to install and is designed to work in forward and reverse, providing excellent traction at low speeds.

Outdoor and Site Furnishings:

RUD manufactures environmentally friendly and maintenance-free site furnishings under the name, Erlau. All components meet high standards of quality (ISO 9001 certified) in terms of raw materials, construction, and manufacturing. The key themes behind Erlau outdoor furniture is functionality, versatility and durability, which is the reason that Erlau's high-quality furniture stands up to even the harshest conditions. Erlau outdoor furniture comes with a 10 year rust protection guarantee and optional anti-graffiti coating. Erlau furniture fits perfectly with every open-air challenge.


RUD specializes in developing and delivering high-performance chain products to suit the most demanding military applications