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FK-Logistic (FK) is known globally for providing partners with a creative array of logistical options throughout the Middle East.

Over the past decade, FK-Logistic has partnered with the Department of Defense, Triple Canopy, DynCorp, the United Nations, KBR, Flour and the International Committee of the Red Cross, among others. Relying on its extensive network of vehicles, storage facilities and knowledge of the region, FK-Logistic moves everything from food to medical supplies, and from contractor employees to military personnel.

 “FK Logistic and FK-Logistics, USA are proud supporters of the U.S. military and the U.S. contracting community,” said Frank McDowell, Executive Vice President. “For many years, we’ve worked on nation-building and humanitarian projects in many regions of the world. We will continue to provide quality, efficiency and on-time support that our partners can count on.”

Warehousing Facility Services:

With several warehousing facilities located in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and South America, FK can customize storage options based on the needs of individual clients. Quality standards are managed through advanced quality control and space management techniques using First in First Out (FIFO) and Last in Last Out (LILO) systems. The quality of food and other perishable goods are ensured with regularly scheduled physical checks. FK uses the most advanced climate control storage techniques, providing dry storage, chilled storage, frozen storage, wrapping and advanced racking systems.

Freight and Transportation Services:

To ensure prompt and efficient delivery, FK controls an extensive transportation system consisting of over 1,300 air, sea and ground assets. A team of licensed and trained professionals stands ready to operate all vehicles and machinery.

Freight and Port – FK owns and operates a 22,000 square meter, duty-free port in Kuwait. The secured facility comes equipped with ample warehouse space, cargo ship maintenance tools, repair capabilities and cold storage warehouses. Loading and offloading cranes are also available. The port can dock and maintain up to three cargo ships at once. With the company’s Just in Time (JIT) delivery system, FK can move products from port warehouses to forward operating bases with ease.

FK duty-free port

Air Flight Services – FK operates a fleet of MD-83s, MD-82s and Dash 7s through its subsidiary, Gryphon Airlines. With a fleet of planes at its disposal – and new planes being added every few months – Gryphon is the most dependable air carriers in the region.

The daily, round-trip flight schedule includes routes between [Kuwait City, Baghdad, Kandahar, Bahrain, Amman, [KAS], Muscat, Doha and Dubai]. Gryphon also provides additional destinations by contract. For instance, the airline has provided air operations and flight clearance in Djibouti and Uganda in recent years.

Gryphon is a proud carrier of U.S. troops and contractor personnel. To provide extra security to passengers, Gryphon’s Category 1 carrier status allows flights to military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan. This includes a ring route covering all Regional Commands in Afghanistan.

Planes fly with a South African Civil Aviation Authority air operator certificate. They also meet flight safety and regulatory standards from the FAA, EASA and ICAO.

Gryphon Airlines in flight

Freight by Land – FK operates approximately 1,000 trucks including lowboy, reefer, flatbed and side box trucks. To ensure timing and quality of deliverables, the trucks are monitored with GPRS tracking systems. Drivers are highly trained, licensed and adhere to the necessary international safety specifications of their respective driving regions.

Cargo van loaders

Food Services:

FK is the market leader in food services in Kuwait, whose customer base includes hospitals, schools, military bases and government institutions. FK developed a well-tested system for importing and exporting perishable and nonperishable products throughout the Middle East. Refrigerated vehicles are designed to transport both materials and meals to any location. Food service division standards are based on protocols established by the U.S. government. Facilities are also FDA approved.

Rehabilitation and Sustainability:

FK has proudly offered its extensive resources to aid in relief efforts around the world, including crises in Africa, Eastern Europe and South Asia.

In 2010, FK was on the scene of one of the world’s great humanitarian challenges. When floodwaters engulfed several of Pakistan’s most populous areas, FK partnered with the Kuwait Red Crescent Society, the United Nations and other humanitarian aid groups in delivering tents, food, medical supplies and lanterns. FK also medevac’d burn victims to hospitals in Europe and the United States. Using its prefabricated buildings, FK constructed an emergency shelter community in a matter of days that housed over 20,000 families.  For its work, FK was awarded with numerous humanitarian awards.