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Manroy USA, LLC
201 Lonnie Crawford Blvd
Scottsboro, AL 35769

Manroy USA's main facility in Scottsboro, AZ.

Manroy USA, LLC, was organized in 2009 and is a certified Veteran Owned Small Business as defined by the Small Business Administration.  HubZone certification is pending.  The company was established principally for the manufacture and supply of weapons, weapon spares, mounts, and weapon accessories to the U.S. Department of Defense.  Manroy USA enjoys a strategic partnership with our associated company, Manroy Engineering Ltd, UK, while still maintaining US ownership.  

Manroy has been established in the US to be a prime contractor to the US Army, the Marines and DLA; as well as other services and organizations.  In addition, we are an approved supplier to General Dynamics, BAE Systems, and ATK for manufacture of precision machined/fabricated parts and/or assemblies.  Manroy USA has a developed engineering capability with capabilities for rapid prototyping, limited and serial production.  

Manroy USA’s experience in engineering and manufacturing coupled with the strategic partnership with Manroy UK, serves to provide our customers with wide ranging expertise in weapons and integrated mounting systems.

  •  Team of experienced professionals servicing US Military and DoD contracts
  •  Engineering design and development
  •  Mechanical assembly and test
  •  CATIA V5 CAD-CAM design and manufacturing software
  •  EXACT Material Requirements Planning Software
  •  Veteran Owned Small Business
  •  ISO 9001:2008 Certified Quality Management System
  •  Registered Importer/Exporter with US Dept of State, Defense Trade Controls, ITAR Compliant
  •  Registered US Importer of Military List Articles; US Dept of Justice and ATF
  •  Registered Manufacturer of Firearms including automatic weapons; US Dept of Justice, ATF
  •  Registered Importer of Firearms including automatic weapons; US Dept of Justice, ATF
  •  Application for HUBZONE certification pending with US Small Business Administration


Products Include:

  •  M2HB .50 cal MG, QCB version and QCB Modification Kits
  •  7.62mm General Purpose Machine Gun
  •  Recoil Absorbing Land & Marine Gun Mounting Systems
  •  Standard & Lightweight Ground Mount Tripods
  •  Weapon Spares
  •  Weapon Accessories
  •  Electro-Optical Boresighting Assemblies
  •  Precision Machined & Fabricated Parts / Assemblies


Points of contact within the company are as follows:

Bill L. Owens
Managing Director

John C. Northcott
Director, Business Development

J. Stephen Sarles
General Manager

201 Lonnie E Crawford
Scottsboro, AL 35769
Phone: 256-259-9800
Fax: 256-259-9805








A buffered mount for the 7.62mm GPMG.


A special thanks to all the Service Members stationed or deployed throughout the world.  Without your willingness to sacrifice so much on our countries behalf, none of our efforts over the past year would have any meaning.  Your constant vigilance and willingness to defend our great nation are a greater contribution than we can ever repay.  Thanks for all you do!