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Klein Steel Service Inc. 


Klein Steel Service Inc.                                                                                                         
Corporate Headquarters
105 Vanguard Parkway
Rochester, New York 14606
Website:  www.kleinsteel.com  


Klein Steel Service is an ITAR registered company, fully committed to serving customers in the Defense and Homeland Security markets.   As a full-line steel service center with a network of warehouses in Upstate New York, Klein Steel has transformed itself from a small distributor into an independently owned company with a nationwide reach, known for its focus on quality, dependability and continuous improvement.

Klein Steel Service’s President’s, Major General John Batiste, U.S. Army (Retired)

With nearly 25% of the company’s workforce made up of veterans from all branches of the service, Klein Steel understands the precise specifications and criteria needed to support the men and women in the armed forces.  The company has provided processed metal and material to military and government customers as divergent as McAlester Army Ammunition Plant, Watervliet Arsenal, Naval Undersea Warfare Center and NASA. 

Klein Steel’s high performing team embraces technology and continuous improvement for the success of their teammates, customers and suppliers.

With a 206,000 square foot “Processing Center of Excellence”, located in Rochester, New York, along with five other locations, Klein Steel carries over 3,200 line items of metal – everything from carbon plate, sheet and structural materials, to stainless steel and aluminium products.  With a fleet of trucks and a network of road, air and rail transportation, Klein Steel is capable of delivering anywhere in the United States. 

Klein Steel’s Kasto Storage and Retrieval System improves efficiency and maximizes customer service.  

In addition, the company deliberately invested in metal processing equipment several years ago, a move which allows customers to request material cut to size, machined,
processed on Klein’s waterjets, burned or laser cut so the metal part can go right into the customer’s assembly or manufacturing process.  

This fall, Klein Steel announced expansion of their retail division, adding a new store in Syracuse, New York, and investing in upgrades at existing Rochester and Buffalo retail stores.

 “Klein Steel has a culture that embraces technology and continuous improvement,” said Major General John Batiste, U.S. Army (Ret.), President, Klein Steel Service Inc., “It can be seen in everything we do, from our approach to safety, our focus on quality, and our determination to keep our commitments to our customers, suppliers and team mates.”  

For example, Klein Steel is one of the few steel service centers in North America that has a Kasto Storage and Retrieval System.  A honeycomb of metal storage cells nearly six stories tall, the Kasto system allows efficient storage of material that would otherwise take up precious floor space.  In addition to improving safety – the material is very easy to store and retrieve – the machine maximizes accuracy and efficiency.  The system can store over 26,000,000 pounds of steel in a footprint of just 11,750 square feet.   While the previous method of storing the material required 16 people working on two shifts, using the Kasto system requires just 8 people to fulfill the same number of orders.

Walk through any Klein Steel facility and you are likely to see the results of the company’s focus on Lean and safety.  Operators routinely conduct 5S (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) at the start of each shift.  The company’s safety record has improved dramatically with safety tours conducted weekly and safety meetings held on a regular basis at all locations throughout the company. 

The emphasis on continuous improvement is not limited to just Klein Steel.  “We’re committed to driving costs out of our company,” said Batiste, “Not just for Klein Steel but also for our business partners and suppliers.”  Batiste explained that the company holds quarterly Continuous Process Improvement meetings with key customers. 

“Last year by working together, we saved one of our customers over $300,000 in hard dollar savings,” said Batiste, “And that money goes straight to their bottom line.  We’ve continued the process, and we’re on track to do it again this year – driving another $300,000 out of their cost to do business.  When our customer gets stronger, we get stronger too.”

Batiste credits Klein Steel’s high performing team as the driving force behind the company’s success.  “We have five imperatives that every one of our team members is focused on:  Safety, Accuracy, Quality, On Time Delivery and Productivity,” said Batiste, “None of it happens without a strong team.”

Klein Steel has been named to the Rochester Top 100 list numerous times, and was named as one of New York State’s Best Companies to Work For in 2010.   The company assumes a leading role in professional trade organizations and partnerships, along with an enduring commitment to the communities of Upstate New York.   Klein Steel is actively involved in and supports over 30 different professional and educational affiliations, including the Rochester Regional Veterans Business Council, CDS Unistel Warrior Salute Program, New York Veterans Affairs Commission, and the Rochester Veterans Outreach Center.

Klein Steel Service Headquarters in Rochester, NY.

For more information about Klein Steel, visit  www.kleinsteel.com