Spouse Membership 

In life, we are members of numerous communities: religious, athletic, educational, social, you name it. The military community—large and sprawling across the globe, also has different sub-communities and membership categories like “child,” “parent,” “neighbor,” and “spouse.” The community has come a long way, and there are many avenues for support, but in a world where there is something for everyone, it can be easy to feel disconnected or that your voice isn’t being heard. AUSA understands the challenges and hurdles faced by the military families of today, and the importance of including you in the military support conversation. We would like to formally recognize your membership and commitment in the community by inviting you to join as a Spouse Member. By joining AUSA you will have the opportunity to make your voice heard, get involved at both the national and local level, pass on wisdom to younger spouses, and get involved in issues that you care about.

Please click here to be redirected to the registration page. A few important pieces of information:

  1.          You must have a separate email address if your spouse is a current AUSA member and is already using your family email address
  2.           You may join at your military members fee based on rank
  3.           If you are a surviving spouse please use the military members last rank

This membership was created for all military (currently serving, retired, or surviving) spouses as well as spouses of Department of the Army and Department of Defense Civilians. As this membership is aimed to engage military spouses in issues that are specific to this lifestyle.

Join us in working to make AUSA the strongest voice and resource for today’s Army community.

Become A Spouse Member


Family Strong—Army Strong!