Active Component – Why you should be a member. 

11/26/2014 12:00 AM 


Advocacy U.S. Capitol  By becoming a member of AUSA, you will increase your visibility on Capitol Hill. 
  AUSA testifies, makes Hill visits and, through its chapters, initiates grassroots
  advocacy in your local community.  From getting higher pay raises, to increasing
  funding for upgrading housing, to increasing Federal Impact Aid funding to
  schools, AUSA is there. AUSA Legislative Agenda


Professional and Educational Benefits

Professional and Educational Benefits  AUSA is your professional association. As an Army professional, you need to
  keep current on   issues that affect you in the work place. AUSA offers you the
  opportunities to accomplish this at its Annual Meeting, ILW Breakfasts,
  Hot topics and the Global Force Symposium.


Professional Publications

Army Magazine and Army News  As a member, you will receive 11 issues of Army Magazine, the Association’s
  monthly professional journal. In October, Army Magazine publishes 
the Green Book
  which is an almanac of information that should be on every professional’s bookshelf.

  Also included in your membership are 12 issues of AUSA News, which keeps
  members up-to-date on major Army topics

Weekly you will receive AUSA 5 things as well as the AUSA Bulletin which includes AUSA’s Legislative and Family Readiness newsletters.

Local Community

AUSA worldwide chapters  AUSA has 120
chapters located worldwide and as a member you will be assigned
  to a chapter near you.  Our chapters provide recreational and educational
  opportunities to Soldiers and their families.  Most importantly, they support our
  deployed Soldiers and the families who are left behind.  AUSA urges you
  to become involved to receive full advantage of your membership.


Don’t delay, join today and start enjoying your benefits!