2010 - Mr. Terry Tuggle 

The 2010 Major General Anthony J. Drexel Biddle Medal was awarded to Mr. Terry Tuggle for his outstanding contributions to the Association of the United States Army and its Central Texas–Fort Hood Chapter.

While serving as the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of the Fort Hood National Bank and First National Bank-Texas, his leadership, guidance, counsel and support—stimulated by his community service and his devotion to Soldiers and Soldier families—contributed to the many successes he brought about as President of the Central Texas–Fort Hood Chapter. 

His passion for aiding and assisting Soldiers was apparent when he generously lent office space and facilities at Fort Hood National Bank to Fort Hood Family Readiness Groups for their fundraising efforts, including car washes, bake sales and refreshment stands.  Those activities earned more than $1,000 a month for all-important family programs and projects.

Mr. Tuggle took the lead to benefit Soldiers by sponsoring the Adopt-a-Fort Hood Unit program. By partnering the Fort Hood National Bank, the First National Bank-Texas and the First Convenience Bank with Fort Hood units, he successfully supported more than a thousand Soldiers and their families.

The chapter, under his guidance and leadership, sponsored a highly successful scholarship program that has provided more than $68,000 to deserving students. For many years, Mr. Tuggle underwrote seven $1,000 scholarships, and he initiated a new scholarship support standard by hosting a sit-down dinner for 300 scholars, family members and civic leaders.

With zealous inspiration and compassion, he and his Central Texas-Fort Hood Chapter members have reached out to assist and support Soldiers in every way possible. 

As part of the Fort Hood Pre-Deployment Program, his bank offered financial management briefings to Soldiers and their families. This magnificent effort reached more than 33,000 Soldiers and families each year as spouses were deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Terry Tuggle is a truly involved AUSA, community and state leader; this is exemplified by his monumental efforts in helping build and support America’s Army and particularly the men and women who serve in harm’s way and their families.

In recognition of his dedicated and dynamic support to AUSA and its overriding goal—Voice for the Army, Support for the Soldier—the Association of the United States Army proudly presented the Major General Anthony J. Drexel Biddle Medal to Terry Tuggle on the twenty-fifth day of October, two thousand ten.