2010 - The Honorable Preston “Pete” M. Geren III 

The Council of Trustees of the Association of the United States Army awarded the 2010 George Catlett Marshall Medal to the Honorable Preston “Pete” M. Geren III, 20th Secretary of the Army, for his commitment to the highest American ideals.

Secretary Geren has dedicated his career to public service. He has consistently demonstrated leadership, compassion and commitment to America’s best interests.

From 1989 until 1997, he served as a member of the U.S. Congress, representing the Twelfth Congressional District of Texas. As a congressman, he served on the Armed Services, Science & Technology, Public Works and Transportation committees. During this phase of his career, he was known as a quick study and highly regarded for his professional judgment in dealing with a variety of constituent issues in his district. His work on the Armed Services Committee was particularly noteworthy and instrumental in his selection as Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense, a role he assumed in September 2001.

Secretary Geren’s service to the United States also includes time spent as the Acting Secretary of the Air Force, Under Secretary of the Army and Acting Secretary of the Army. He served as Secretary of the Army from March 2007 until September 2009.

The hallmark of Secretary Geren’s tenure as Secretary of the Army has been his uncompromising passion concerning the care of Soldiers and their families. Under his leadership, some achievements include the development and signing of the Family and Community Covenants, reaffirming support to Soldiers and families posted around the world; outreach through his network of Civilian Aides to local and state communities to form partnerships and embrace volunteerism in support of our Soldiers; establishment of the Wounded Warrior Programs to serve severely wounded, injured and ill Soldiers and their families. Additionally, he supported the development of Soldier Family Assistance Centers and the Warrior Adventure Quest programs.

His focus on those who serve our nation, their contributions and the debt owed to them by the American people has made him one of the most dedicated, and powerful Secretaries of the Army. Through his hard work and determination, he has enhanced the image of the Army and burnished the image of the American Soldier in the eyes of the world.

It is with profound admiration and sincere gratitude that the Association of the United States Army proudly presented its highest award, the George Catlett Marshall Medal, to the Honorable Preston “Pete” M. Geren III, on the twenty-seventh day of October, two thousand ten.