2008 - Maj Gen. William H. Wade II 

The 2008 Lieutenant General Raymond S. McLain Medal was awarded to Major General William H. Wade II, United States Army National Guard, for his outstanding contributions to the Association of the United States Army’s goal of a seamless and component-integrated Army.

Throughout more than 38 years of service, he worked diligently to ensure that National Guard Soldiers, Airmen and units are prepared to provide the manpower to participate in joint military operations in a seamless environment overseas and in the United States.

While serving in Kosovo as the Commander of the Multi-National Brigade (East), he commanded Soldiers from all three components of the U.S. Army as well as those from a host of other nations. Insisting on a single standard of performance between components, he molded the disparate components into a successful, fully integrated force.

In the years since 9/11, Major General Wade has focused on pre-mobilization strategies, setting a new standard that has improved individual and unit readiness and allowed for shorter train-up periods at heavily-impacted post-mobilization training sites, ensuring that his Soldiers were fully prepared to successfully work with the other components of the Army in a timely manner. He has provided our nation with a steady-state force of citizen-Soldiers and -Airmen equipped and trained to respond to any emergency or contingency, including a broad range of natural and man-made disasters at home and combat missions overseas, as an integral and essential element of the Total Force.

With sincere appreciation and the deepest respect for his service to “America’s Army: The Strength of the Nation,” the Association of the United States Army proudly presented the Lieutenant General Raymond S. McLain Medal to Major General William H. Wade II, on the sixth day of October, two thousand eight.