2006 - Sen. Warren B. Rudman 


The Council of Trustees of the Association of the United States Army awarded the 2006 George Catlett Marshall Medal to Warren B. Rudman for his selfless and exemplary service to our nation, its national defense and national security -- and to the men and women who serve.

Internationally renowned as a United States Senator, attorney, author, soldier, statesman and patriot, Warren B. Rudman has contributed immeasurably to the fiber and freedom of America --first from the war-torn battlefields of Korea as a boots-on-the-ground combat leader to the halls of Congress where his well-recognized and highly-respected voice articulated the need for a comprehensive, all-encompassing, cost-effective national defense posture.  

In the best tradition of the patriotic American soldier, statesman and public servant whose name is memorialized by this award, Senator Rudman, through his writings, speeches and actions, is a formidable visionary who has an uncanny and undaunted intellectual spirit that has been emulated and imitated on Capitol Hill, in the Departments of Defense and State and in several presidential administrations.

Whether leading a rifle platoon or company in combat, chairing a congressional committee, penning a complex piece of legislation, presiding at a commission or board dealing with sensitive issues or calling for a Department of Homeland Security to focus on the threat of terrorism, Warren B. Rudman has been and remains a man with a mission -- and a man with a vision for America.

For his innumerable life-long accomplishments and particularly his love, passion and respect for members of our armed forces and all they do -- especially serving in harm’s way defending the homeland and fighting the global war on terrorism -- it is with profound admiration and sincere gratitude that the Association of the United States Army proudly presented its highest award, the George Catlett Marshall Medal, to this combat-decorated Army veteran -- Warren B. Rudman -- a patriot ’s patriot who answered the Call to Duty – on this the eleventh day of October, two thousand and six.