2006 - Robert L. Nardelli 

The John W. Dixon Award for outstanding contributions to national defense by a member of the industrial community was presented to Robert L. Nardelli, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Home Depot.

Under Mr. Nardelli’s dynamic leadership, The Home Depot has positively impacted the lives of countless soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen and coastguardsmen -- and their families -- who have answered the “Call to Duty.”

In order to support our men and women in uniform, Mr. Nardelli launched two cutting-edge programs.  Operation CareerFront provides career opportunities to separating and retiring service members, military spouses and veterans.  The Home Depot donated one million dollars and one million volunteer hours to Project HomeFront, which helps military families repair and maintain their homes while their spouses are deployed.

The Home Depot also donated one million dollars in tools and supplies to support U.S. troops in their efforts to rebuild war-torn Iraq.

Realizing that military actions in the 21st century rely heavily on the total involvement of our reserve components, The Home Depot – with several thousands of its employees called to active duty -- has extended and enhanced its leave-of-absence benefits for each of its deployed associates.

A graduate of Western Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in business, and the University of Louisville with a master’s in business administration, Mr. Nardelli, throughout his career with The Home Depot has focused on unique, unequalled projects that say “Thank You” to the men and women who defend our freedom and our way of life.

His goal in developing a wide range of comprehensive and unrivaled programs that give peace of mind to our troops and their families should be emulated by all corporate America.