2006 - Maj. Gen. James Helmly 

The 2006 Major General James Earl Rudder Medal was awarded to Major General James “Ron” Helmly, United States Army Reserve, for his outstanding contributions to the advancement of the Association of the United States Army’s goal of a seamless and component-integrated Army. 

As Chief of the Army Reserve and Commander of the United States Army Reserve Command, then Lieutenant General Helmly worked relentlessly to eliminate the barriers to reserve component readiness through his philosophy of restructuring and changing  policies that  directly influence the effectiveness of the Army Reserve.

As the consummate citizen-soldier with an awesome mission in the most difficult of times, Lieutenant General Helmly answered the “Call to Duty” and moved the Army Reserve from a strategic reserve to a “boots-on-the-ground” complementary, operational force capable of deploying – in large numbers – to fight the Global War on Terrorism.

Because of Lieutenant General Helmly’s inspiring leadership and moral courage, the Army Reserve is a fully-integrated member of our country’s national defense establishment, and is ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

A graduate of New York State University who received his commission as a second lieutenant of infantry through the OCS program, Lieutenant General Helmly, with over 39 years of service in the active Army and Army  Reserve – after completing his statutory term as Chief of the Army Reserve – is now Major General Helmly, and is serving as U.S. Central Command’s Chief, Office of the Defense Representative in Pakistan.